Chainlink x ClinTex Integration Update
ClinTex and Chainlink

Chainlink x ClinTex Integration Update

ClinTex x Chainlink

Written by: Isaiah Payton 3/18/21

Chainlink & ClinTex Integration and the emerging Healthcare Smart Contract Industry


Integration Date: July 17, 2018


Oracle Service to Provide Crucial Link from Off-Chain to On-Chain Data

Most of the powerful features in the array of linked ClinTex Clinical Trials Intelligence (CTi) applications are enabled by data that is self-contained in the CTi blockchain network.

The Predictive Data Analytics Application, for example, combines information that has been migrated into the platform such as bloodwork, disease status, medication and adverse drug reactions to predict outcomes such as which patients are likely to have to withdraw from a trial. The Risk Based Monitoring Application may then recommend specific intervention to prevent the withdrawal of a particular patient, potentially saving the trial from complete failure.

However, some features of ClinTex CTi require the integration of data from pharmaceutical source systems that are external to the CTi blockchain network. For example, clinical electronic case report forms are not directly available to the CTi platform — but the information contained in those case report forms is required to calculate the correct payments that should be made to investigators and vendors in reward for specific data completion and data quality targets. For example, an outsourced vendor providing electrocardiogram scans should be paid for the exact number of scans correctly administered.

The beauty of a blockchain network enhanced with smart contracts is that such an action can be executed automatically, saving all stakeholders time and money. However, a secure link to the external source — referred to in the space as an ‘oracle’ — must be obtained.

This is where ChainLink comes in. ChainLink is secure and auditable blockchain middleware that connects to the API of the electronic case report form database. The required information is then automatically migrated into the ClinTex CTi Vendor Management Application and the appropriate payment to the vendor is triggered. The efficiency of this system will far exceed the status quo, which requires that data be checked manually before payments are sent out. It also improves upon the current model by making it completely transparent to all stakeholders (not to mention — thanks to the fact that cryptographic tokens are the unit of transfer — transactions are instant and practically fee free).

ClinTex partnership with ChainLink is important because it frees our developers to focus on the core CTi applications without having to concern themselves with the technicalities and security risks of connecting to external systems. ChainLink specifically was chosen because of its proven track record of building trusted and secure oracles for other major decentralized applications.

Our partnership with ChainLink allows each team to focus on what they do best. ChainLink has a proven record of execution with trusted oracle services, while our team at ClinTex has expertise in solving the pain-points in clinical trials through the use of advanced clinical trial data management.


2021 Update for ClinTex x Chainlink (according to road map)

Q1 2021: CTi PDA Development underway- Chainlink will be integrated for the Clinical Trials Intelligence for Predictive Analysis which combines data that has been migrated into the platform such as bloodwork, disease status, medication and adverse drug reactions to predict outcomes such as when patients are likely to have to withdraw from a trial. This allows the CTi PDA to forecast issues and events before they happen because of secure links from external sources provided through Chainlink. This will essentially ensure that investigators and vendors will get paid accurately for providing accurate and trustworthy information, therefore raising the value of the data collected from predictive analytics provided. It also incentivizes the pharmaceutical companies to take a pro-active position to address hidden correlations.


Q2 2021: ClinTex will begin the migration on-chain of CTi clinical data statistical summaries from trusted external services to help provide predictive analytics to ensure hidden trends are identified and vendors along with investigators are properly compensated for providing accurate data and information.


Q3 2021: ClinTex will begin to develop the CTi Patient Recruitment and Retention application which manages recruitment and retention of patients for clinical trials by providing a portal for patient identification and producing a series of alerts (based on predictive analytics) that warn when a patient is at risk of withdrawing from the study.


Q4 2021: Chainlink will also help ClinTex launch their CTi RBM or Risk Based Monitoring which uses current and historical data to predict certain risks and allow for tactical deployment of the Pharmaceutical company’s data. This predictive risk based approach differs from the reactive approaches to risk and essentially significantly reduces site monitoring costs during a clinical trial


What this can mean for healthcare:

Chainlink’s Decentralized Oracle Network is helping bring off chain-data, on chain for ClinTex to be able to achieve functionality for each one of these apps to eliminate the reactive approach to clinical trials and turns it into predictive strategy for risk which reduces site monitoring costs during clinical trials to save time and resources. This creates a streamline of information that is able to be received by ClinTex without having to worry about the security of the origin of this off chain data needed for these applications. This also helps free their developers to focus on the core CTi applications without having to worry about creating a new infrastructure with a new oracle based service. This is significant especially with today’s covid vaccine clinical trials and their results to ensure that accurate data is received in order to maintain integrity for the project/applications. This also isn’t limited to trials for Covid-19 but can also assist with an array of other services in the health industry across the world ensuring that the data we receive and distribute is coming from a reliable source and therefore promotes the integrity of the application.


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Chainlink: The D.O.N of Cryptocurrency
Chainlink: The D.O.N of Cryptocurrency

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