To The Moon #4 - Once more into the breach, I'm buying more XEN!

To be completely honest, I also share losses, so now the portfolio, after two weeks of increasing, reverses the trend and reaches -1.62%. Looking at it in perspective traditional stock exchange is bad. However, we are in the world of cryptocurrencies and such a minus is not even turbulence, so I took the opportunity to add another XEN to the bag yesterday.

New positions.

  1. Buy bXEN at $0.00000002963 (for BNB)

If you want to know more about the origins of this movement, I have written an article providing additional information about XEN and the X1 network. You can find it here: 



What's next?

If my knowledge of XEN does not change, I plan to buy continuously to average the price. At the moment, the plan is to burn half of XEN and sell the other half before the start of the X1 network. However, depending on the numbers as they show up here, the strategy may change.

Current portfolio statement.


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