To The Moon #3 - First week of the project, profit 5.6%, I'm entering XEN!

Time to summarize the first week of the To The Moon experiment. I think the topic launched at a good moment and the market situation regarding currencies contributed to such rapid and noticeable effects. However, we should acknowledge that my steps are based on experience with specific currencies, and I haven't bought any cat in a bag yet, which will change soon.

Current statement

  1. Capital on PLN +5.6%

  2. Capital on USD +0.36%

  3. PRE +5.11%

  4. CAKE +1.71%

  5. ETH -0.21%

  6. ADA +2.37%

  7. BTC +0.98%

New positions.

  1. Buy BNB at $312.3

  2. Buy bXEN at $0.000000030185 (for BNB)

If you want to know more about the origins of this movement, I have written an article providing additional information about XEN and the X1 network. You can find it here: 



What's next?

Now I am solely focused on adding altcoins to my portfolio, contrary to those who say it's not the right time. I'm considering the possibility of holding XEN longer than the other cryptocurrencies in this portfolio or potentially converting it into XN, the native token of the L1 network.


Current portfolio statement.



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