AirDrop Alert - After 5 years, the project is coming out of stealth mode!

What are we talking about??

If anyone hasn't heard of SupraOracles yet, it's not too late. The developers confirmed the AirDrop of the SUPRA token. Supra Oracles is a project of experts and enthusiasts of Web3 and cryptography, which focuses on increasing the security of chains and the profitability of blockchain technology. Their innovative technologies can reduce the time of complete processing between chains to a few seconds. Supra makes it easier for programmers to access more data outside and between strings. The creators have 5 years of academic tests behind them, which can translate into showing the world a solid piece of technology.


Coming back to the SUPRA Token, you can take part in its AirDrop by creating an account, going through KYC and completing simple tasks, which can further increase exposure to AidDrop. The minimum you will receive after registration and completing missions consisting in answering simple questions is 200 SUPRA tokens. I think the design is noteworthy and is on my watch list

Technical analysis.

We will come back to this when we have more contact with the project and it can be tested in battle.

Where to find it?

My reflink:

or if you don't want to

My reflink: :)

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chainable. enter the blockchain

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