Cent Money Making Method #7: GPTmine
Earn money with gptmine.xyz

Cent Money Making Method #7: GPTmine

By Jjpn47 | Cent Money Making Methods | 15 Jun 2020

Do you want to make money by mining cash using only one tab? Then you're going to like GPTmine.

GPTmine is a website that let's mine cash passively using only a tab from your web browser.

Just press the red Start Mining Button and it will open another tab where you can mine cash.

Gptmine dashboard

In GPTmine you earn $0.00010 per minute which is not bad for doing nothing which is a great deal for doing nothing.

Gptmine 1 minute bar

Also, if you want referrals you can do that for $1 a day or if you want to advertise your website/blog you can do that for $0.0005 for 1 click.

Besides, what I said earlier the website is pretty simple and easy to use, so visit their website now!

Go to gptmine.xyz and get free $0.05 with this link:


(A refferal link which means I will get a commission if you sign up to the link above.)

Also visit my other blog Sci-J:

Website: https://scij.tech.blog

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Cent Money Making Methods
Cent Money Making Methods

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