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Day #3 - Bot Analysis

 Here I am! One and a half day after the bot has started. Being Saturday, I had a bit of extra time to check a little bit further my - so called - "bot strategy".

 For you who missed my other posts, the bot is up and running since Thursday 4th at around 12pm. Until now it has made 373 transactions for a profit of $12.06 which is beyond all my hopes!



The price of CEL started a steady uptrend and it's now around at $5.15. Having an upper limit at $5.26 I need to keep my eyes open if the price goes beyond that limit. 

 Here you can see the price chart since the bot started


 What makes me feel strange is that if the price of CEL will go up very quickly, the bot will sell all the tokens and I will stay there with only dollars in my hand! That would be a disaster! From the other hand, what goes up will go down I suppose. But if it doesn't?

 Now the question is what am I supposed to do. When I started the bot I had 292 CEL @ $4.93 which was approx. $1440. Right now I have $1161 + 64 CEL @ $5.12 ~ $330.22 = $1491.22. Did I made $51 in 2 days??? Of course! It's because the CEL token is fluctuating all the time. As the price goes down I have more CEL and the opposite.

 From one side I think the best approach is to stop this bot and create a new one with larger grid range and less number of grids. This will allow a bigger profit for each transaction and less fees. From the other hand I will lose all the middle transactions I get right now. CEL token is not known to fluctuate that much and the total volume on FTX is around $1 million which is not much either. 

For now, I will just leave it for a week and I will try something new later.

 Here are the latest numbers :

- Number of trades : 373

- Average buy price : $4.99

- Average sell price : $5.01

- Fees : $1.22 + 0.18 CEL

 Thank you so much for reading this far! See you tomorrow!



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Celsius Network - My way to financial freedom

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