FryWorld - The Salty Crispy Yield Aggregator on BSC

By Ceazor | Ceazor's Snack Sandwich | 3 Nov 2020

This platform is another addition to the food meme style platforms that are built around sound intelligent yield mechanics but give flavor to chasing yields. 

The landing page,, greets visitors with the overall stats of the protocol. The menu holds data such as, your personal $FRIES balance, Total supply of $FRIES, Total $FRIES burnt, Strong $FRIES Reserve, and Total Staked Value. 

(for the remainder of this article, I will omit the $ from all token names, but maintain the capital letters, for ease of reading), 

Of these metrics, the only ones that warrant further explanation, in this article, are the burning and strong FRIES Reserves. These will be addressed below. 

If you do not want to read, all that is below, feel free to watch the video here.

So let us get inside and see what’s cooking.


Clicking the button above takes us to the fryer. Alternatively, you can simply click Frying at the top tab menu. 

This operation will take you to frying page where people stake various LP tokens and vault tokens to earn FRIES. 

This platform promotes the providing of liquidity to several external platforms, currently, Pancakeswap, and Burgerswap.  But of course only for providing liquidity in pools that contain FRIES.


The Fryers (usually referred to as farm) that are prefixed with PANCAKE as in (Deposit PANCAKE BNB-FRIES LP) are asking you to provide liquidity on Pancakeswap and to stake the LP token given there here to earn fries. It would be silly not to stake them here, as there are currently no other places to stake these tokens to earn yields which are currently almost 600% paid in FRIES at the time of writing.


The Fryers that do not have any prefix are asking investors to obtain LP tokens from Burgerswap. 

If you do not know how to obtain these LP tokens, you can watch the video here, but I will skip over this in this article.


The Fryers that are prefixed with FRY are much more complicated but utilize another section here in FryWorld, namely the fryVaults. Let us head over there to see how to get these LP tokens by clicking fryVaults at the top tab menu. 


Here we are met with a long list of vaults that are calling for the deposits of Pancakeswap LPs. These LPs are all stake-able on Pancakeswap to obtain CAKE tokens (the native token of Pancakeswap). By depositing your CAKE yielding LPs here instead, you are gaining some automated features. These fryVaults will automatically, stake the entire vaults supply of LP tokens into Pancakeswap to earn the CAKE rewards, harvest these CAKE rewards, several times per day, sell them at market to obtain more LP tokens, and stake them to earn more CAKE. All the while earning the vault FRIES that will be granted to users, proportionally, when they withdraw from the vault. By depositing in these fryVAULTs one is granted a fryTOKEN-TOKEN LP token that was called for in the Fryer mentioned above. 

If you are having a hard time following this, I suggest, yet again, that you check out my video here, as it will visualize the whole process. 

The final major section of this platform that I will be addressing here is the Ketchup section. However, there is still the BNB wrapping feature and the staking of the obtained wBNB in the appropriate Fryer but I will not explore this in detail here. 

So let us head into the Ketchup.


In this section, we find a place to lock up some FRIES to be granted some sweet sweet KETCHUP ($KHP). Without going into all the metrics, I will explain this feature as the way to gain the special benefit of the FRIES token: That is the automatic burning written right into the code. There is a maximum supply of 50,600 FRIES but it is unlikely that this number will often be achieved because of the burn feature. 

“Selling or transferring fries is not a strong fry move. Weak fries will incur a 2% fee on every transaction. Half of this amount (1%) will be burned forever to keep fries deflationary. The other 1% will go to the Strong Fry Reserve, and distributed to the strong fries staking for ketchup.”

Simply said, if FRIES are sent to a new wallet address, 2% are automatically removed and split between the burner, and the KETCHUP stakers.

So this protocol is interesting, to say the least. It offers you all the goodness of FRIES without health risks inherently found in greasy food, high sodium intake, and price plummets. Feel free to take a look at what is going on in the kitchen of FryWorld. 



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