John 11

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JOHN 11- The 8th sign [Harlingen]

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


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.Do you see the ‘sign’?
.Why did Jesus wait?
.What was the 8th sign- and why?
.The answer is on the ‘sign’ [you’ll have to watch the video for this]

TEACHING- [past posts- links- verses below]
In John 11 we see the last miracle/sign in this gospel.
Well- maybe 1 more at the end.
I’ll get to that in a minute.
But first- Jesus gets word that his friend- Lazarus- is sick.
Lazarus and his sisters- Martha and Mary- have a history with Jesus.
They were openly friends with him [not everyone was] and they took the risk of identifying with him.
Many believed- but from a distance.
So- when their brother is sick- they must have thought ‘we have this taken care of- after all- Jesus is healing complete strangers- but we are his friends’.
Jesus gets word- and waits a couple of days before he starts heading to the city of Bethany- about 2 miles from Jerusalem.
Remember- earlier in the gospel it says ‘he walked no more in Jewry- because they sought to kill him’.
Even his disciples warn him when he says ‘ok- it’s time to go see Lazarus’.
Jesus tells them ‘we must go see him- he is sleeping’.
The disciples thought he meant ‘sleeping’ you know- like we would take it.
But he said straight out ‘he’s dead’.
So- as they arrive in the area- Lazarus sister- Martha- says ‘If you were here- he wouldn’t have died’!
Jesus said this sickness was not unto death- but for the glory of God.
Yet- he did die.
Jesus asks Martha ‘don’t you believe in life after death- the resurrection ‘?
She says yes- but she’s talking about the final judgment- when all will be raised.
He says ‘I am the resurrection and the life’.
He’s showing her it’s not just about a future thing- but it’s about having life- now- as well as later.
So- Martha tells Mary ‘Jesus is here’.
She runs out to see him- and expresses the same disappointment.
I think they felt dissed- because after all- Lazarus was Jesus friend- and if he did miracles for all the others- why did Jesus let him die? [Some sites see the rest here ]
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead- after being in the grave 4 days.

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