I Once Dreamed To Be A Lawyer: An Untold Story

By charmingcherry08 | CC Writes | 21 Dec 2021

Who did not ever think to be a lawyer? We have seen them in every movie and television. We loved their suits, the way they talk, and how intelligent and decent they looked. Some kids dream of being a lawyer someday. Honestly, so am I before - but there is a story behind it.

Lawyer. The person I never dreamed to be but an incident made me think about considering it. I can still remember the moment I said, "I want to be a lawyer. I will get you out here, Kuya." Those were the exact words I said. Do you want to know the story? Then let me.

Families are not perfect. We all face a lot of challenges. A decade ago, an incident happened to my brother. For what I clearly remember, I was at my school before and someone approached me and told me that my elder brother might be missing. Since I had a cell phone back then, I tried to call him and no one was answering. I immediately went to my Mom and told her what I heard.

She was so confused and didn't believe me at first. We waited till it's dark already and my brother wasn't home yet. That is when we started to feel and think there is something wrong. We went to his friends' house and no one was telling us where he was. We called his number and it was unattended already. We do not know who to contact or who to talk to. My Mama and Papa waited until morning, and he really did not come home. That is the signal to our parents to go ask in the police station.

My Mama and Papa went to the police station the next day and they knew what happened. An incident happened and my brother was in PDEA's custody. It shocked us, the whole family and even our relatives. I can still remember the cries of my Mama every night after that. We immediately contacted the PDEA, and my brother was in Pampanga. My Mama and Papa went there to check on my brother, and on the next visit, I was with them. I saw my brother behind bars, crying, and scared.

It was heart-breaking. Seeing your loved one in jail. I cannot look at his eyes because I know it will break me. I was still a child, a 12-year old child, but I understood what he wanted us to know - that he needs our help. My Papa made sure that he will be transferred to our province right away after that visitation. They were all busy fixing his papers and working on his bail. Luckily, he was transferred to Olongapo BJMP. We visited him there every other day. We never left his side.

The first day of our visitation in Olongapo BJMP, we were asked to check him in his jail. He cried so hard the moment he saw our Mama. And I saw my Mama's breakdown. I saw her trying not to look at him because she does not want him to feel weak. He needs to see hope, and he needs to see that we are strong. While we were eating together, I suddenly told him that I will be a lawyer. I will get him out of jail.

I don't know what I am thinking while saying "I will be a lawyer and I will get you out of jail, Kuya." But one thing is for sure, I was in pain knowing that my brother is behind bars. I was in so much pain knowing that the person who protected me over the years is in jail. I could take it. There were too many things running through my head. And since then, I told myself that I want to be a lawyer for him. I want to be a lawyer once he doesn't get the chance to be bailed. I want to be a lawyer and get him out in that miserable experience. It was hard, but we made it. It just took a month before he got bailed. And right now, the case was closed because of some anomaly that happened that night which officers tried to cover up. Justice was served.

I may not be pursuing Law now, but I know deep down that I also once dreamed of being a lawyer. There were days that I imagined myself fighting for justice and for someone's freedom. I once dreamed to be a LAWYER, and that is because of my brother.

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