I am back!

By Catontherun | CatOnTheRun | 11 Sep 2021

It took me a while to get things done to find my way home. Sell my house and get on a plane before any vaccination mandate. It felt like it was all planned for me and everything went perfect. My house was sold within a week! Got more than I ever paid for it and I found a temporary rental farmhouse back home in Europe.

Being used to tropical weather november in Europe is cold, dark and rainy and I only had the summer cloths on my back that were a little bit warmer than the soft breezy silk outfits you wear in the tropics and a suitcase with some personal belongings that I had to bring like some books, pictures and Nick Nacks with a sentimental value nobody would understand like postcards from friends and even some river-stones. 

Grijze En Zwarte Stenen

There were only a few people on the flight, the virus made most people stay at home and it was comfortabel to have nobody on my side. I took the suffocating face-mask off and got a little bit sad.

Here I go.  Leaving my beautiful island a place anyone would like to be but I knew things were going to get tough if you only see the bigger picture. The thought of being on an island and not able to get to the main land scared me. Back in Europe Amsterdam. A place usually so crowded was more empty, police everywhere checking to see if you keep distance and wear the mask and felt very threatening.  Coming from an Island it feels like you are from some other planet. The change over the years was mind-blowing. A friend picket me up and he brought me to the car I purchased online and from there I would go to the farmhouse. The owner of the house had the house for rent by an rental-company. They didn't work on Saturday so I had to wait and get to an hotel they said. I didn't, I contacted the owner who lived on the other side of the house and of course he had a key. The apartment was in the front of the farm and I looked out over the farmland. It was way out of the city and very expensive. Every time I pay rent it is a loss, well that's how I feel, if you buy, the house comes to you, if you rent it goes away but it was a place I could stay forever, so nice and quiet. There were a few horses, dogs and deer walking in the garden.

I ordered winter clothes online and soon it started to snow. I forgot how nice it feels to have warm soft clothes on your body, and good fitting shoes and boots after so many years on flipflops. I had to carry firewood again like so many years ago and in no time I had the farmhouse nice and cozy.  

I had to get registered at the city hall and from that day I got mail, not email but real paper in an envelope from the tax office. I had to pay tax over the value of the house that I rented! What? It's not my house! Yes, and a big amount for my car, more than I expected and way more than years ago. Seems the information I found before I left the island was wrong so I sold the car and got another.
The farmhouse was only temporary, the owner rented it as a vacation house per week to make more money but with the virus he had no customers and I wanted to buy a house and knew I could not stay forever. While the virus and the measurements went on he said I could stay longer but I had to pay more rent. That was a turning-point for me.

Over the years the whole country was full with windturbines, even great lakes are full of it. Prices of houses rise like crazy and people have to pay tax over everything and even tax over tax, over your savings and more and more every year. The government is lying to the people, the corruption is unbelievable, painful even.
My home country is not my home anymore and I really felt 'homeless'. No family, all my friends on the island or they went to other places like Portugal or Spain.
I had to get out......again, I took most of my money out of the banksystem and spent it on Crypto, I bought a trailer caravan and searched for others places in Europe, the region of Amsterdam, and the North became totally crazy over the years while I was away, the people were so asleep, so programmed, so greedy.
Within a few week I 'set sail'. A long way to go to a total strange land, with a language I don't speak and a culture I don't know.

To be continued.......

Thank you to my 9 followers for sticking with me.



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The world has gone mad. Knowing what is coming I escaped a tropical island, jumped on a plane back to Europe, bought a trailer-home and a car and left for eastern Europe where I bought a house and land in the woods where I live now with my wolfdog Alpha


We live in a spectaculair time, me perhaps a little bit longer than you and unexpected getting ready for a new adventure, to find my way back home.

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