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Betbox (OX) : Decentralization, Transparece and Scalability in Gambling Industry

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Betbox is built on Ethereum's public network. It has been developed with "React Native" technology, which allows all monetary tasks to be automated by intelligent contracts. The development with "React Native" technology allows us to provide full acc...

Day 6 : From 0 to 1 BTC : update on the TrustDice experiment

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  Hello  Short update on my TrustDice project.   I continue to Mine TXT by playing for free every on TrustDice (I explain my strategy here). I claim three times a day 0,00002 ETH (why ETH ? It's explained here). You can too by clicking here.    Afte... Reborn

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What happen to nanogames? The week of the June 14 nanogames run a new update to the site like. New color scheme New Spin game ( change your cubs to a real currency)  an improved invested system with investment leveraging. now our panda have a the bes...

Bets with BANANO — Banano Bet and NanoGames

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Caution: Bet in moderation, this article is not intended to influence you to bet exaggerated, it is only for the purpose of awareness and information regarding the sites to be presented. In case, you think you have a problem with bets, please check t...

How I Became A Die Hard Gambler

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  Funny how a harmless stake of $2 to win $15 at the casino had turned out to become my greatest nightmare. Yes I still remember that faithful day in campus. I had just finished my inline skating practice with rest of my crew, and I decided to hook...


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INTRODUCTION Betting can be termed as the action of gambling with money or one’s property on an outcome they have no control over like a race, a game or an unpredictable event that is yet to happen while gambling can be termed as playing a game of c...

Cloudbet, an excellent way to win (and of course, lose) your bitcoins with betting sports

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Sports betting has grown exponentially in recent years, especially with the appearance of online platforms dedicated to them. Many of these platforms allow us to place our bets through BTC. CloudBet is one of the largest sports betting houses where y...


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INTRODUCTION Gamblіng іѕ thе wagerіng оf mоney or ѕоmethіng оf value оn аn event wіth аn uncertaіn outcome. Thе primary іntentiоn оf gamblіng іѕ wіnnіng mоney or material goods. Thе most commоn types оf gamblіng іnclude Cаѕіnos, Dice Games, аnd Bеttі...

BetHash: Maximum Fairness

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Gaming and gambling have been an indispensable part of our civilization throughout history. In particular, after the first sporting events had emerged, the game has not limited to the physical sport and has shaped for the second time by betting on sp...

Crypto Hoarding/ Betting

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I have this strange quirk, I always try to see how I can lose what I earn, I will try anything and somehow always end up losing what I had. It can be gambling, betting or any other dumb way but if I can do it you can bet I will. Now I know many peopl...