Five Feline Ways Cats Show You That They Love You

Cats show love to their owners in ways that are not always obvious.

The following five common positive behaviors are a good indication that your feline friend is showing you some love

A Cat That Rubs Its Head Or Face On You

When your feline friend rubs its head or face against you it is making a complimentary gesture. This action is essentially a cat claiming you as its own by marking you with its scent glands.

And you thought it was you that owned the cat!

A Cat Staring Into Your Eyes And Blinking

Research has shown that when a cat stares into your eyes and blinks, opens its eyes wide then stares and blinks again then that is the cat equivalent of giving you a kiss!

A Cat That Openly Displays Their Belly To You

By openly displaying their belly a cat is showing that it is comfortable enough to be vulnerable around you.

This open display renders a cat somewhat defenseless and is a sure sign of trust and affection.

Does Your Cat Follow You Around?

As long as it’s not breakfast or dinnertime your cat is displaying genuine affection!

If you move from place to place around the house and your cat follows you around you can rightly feel honored. This is a sure-fire way that your feline friend just wants to be close to you

Cats have a lot to be distracted by and this gesture is an open indication that it favors you as its distraction of choice.

The Tail Tells A Tale!

If your cat displays their tail upright while accompanied by a slight curve in the top of it, you’re in luck!

This happy tail sign is around you is a warm sign of happiness from a comfortable cat that loves you.


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