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What Would I do With $400 to Improve My Life one Year From Now?


Note: I will speak based on my current situation, and I warn you that this is my position and not a financial recommendation.

Let’s go.

With $400 knowing that I had to improve my life in one year, I would make the $400 become at least $2,100 in one year.

Let’s see how I would turn $400 into more than $2,000 in one year, and without making any financial contribution or putting it on some leverage.

We are six months into the six months that the financial markets of both stocks and cryptocurrencies have been at a major low, and their recovery has been sharp to a not very considerable high. And during those six months, if somebody gave me at least $400, it would be valued at least $1,000 by now.

How so?


Based on my experiences, the lowest price Solana has gone down in the last three months was as low as $27, and the highest price it has gone up was $47, and it has been ranging in the last two months in price from $30 to $46. Cardano in the last three months has ranged from $0.41 to $0.66


Apple’s stock has ranged from $147 to $165 over the past three months and Amazon has ranged from $106 to $142.

If I bought Solana at the price of $27 on June 13 with the $400, I would have a quantity of 14 Solanas, on June 25 the $400 would become $588 because on that day the Solana went up to $42, I would surely sell. On June 30 I would again buy $588 Solana at the price of $31 and have a quantity of 18 Solanas, and on July 16 the $588 would become $828. I would wait some more and invest $700 in Solana and $128 in Cardano on July 26 at the price of $36 and on August 13 the $700 invested in Solana Valeria $893 and the Cardano Valeria position about $161, adding up the total value of the two positions I would have about $1,054 in the last three months.

This was a prediction according to the market’s progress over the last three months in cryptocurrencies. If I were to start today, I would buy Solana, to begin with, and when Solana reaches $46, the $400 would become $552

Now, if I bought Amazon stock on June 11 for $106, on August 13 my $400 would be worth about $535 and I would buy again as soon as it went down and from there on.

This is how I would do it and repeat the same strategy.

It is not a financial recommendation, I could do the same example with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba, Tesla, Apple, or another stock.


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