The Big Difference Between Paypal and Payoneer

Hello Dear reader, here is the Filipe CEO of Casimiro Designer once again! Today I want to recommend you the two largest payment platforms and online payment effects, already developed in the 21st century; which are Paypal and Payoneer.

Before recommending these two platforms for you, I want to show you the differences between Paypal and Payoneer.

1- It is that in this ultramodern world, where companies strive to maintain the best quality and obtain as many customers as possible, which has generated fights between promotions, which we observed in the late twentieth century, between Coca-Cola and Pepsi- Cola, on the contrary, Paypal and Payoneer, are not companies of back turned. If you request a payment from Paypal to Payoneer, it will be possible to do it simple, and in the same way if you request a payment from Payoneer to Paypal, it is also possible, there are no restrictions between the two companies.
The first and Big difference between Paypal and Payoneer is that this year of 2019, Paypal will complete, 20 years since its foundation, and Payoneer will be 14 years old in the market.

But knowing that we are in an ultramodern world as I pointed out in the previous paragraph, the new companies are endowed with innovations that even the companies founded in the last century, compared to the method of work, agility, efficiency, and simplicity, make them giants in the world market.

This is exactly the big difference between Paypal founded in 1999 and Payoneer, founded in 2005.
The Big Differences Between Paypal and Payoneer.

1- Paypal is available in more than 200 countries, but among all these countries, not all accounts are free of normal services, most of them are restricted from some benefits such as: Receiving payments, and linking a bank account. Payoneer is also available in more than 200 countries, and without any restrictions of transactions, you can receive payment, make payment, do everything you want without any problems.

2- Paypal, charges fees on any transaction made, whether it is conversion of amounts, receiving payments, online purchases, sending payments or making payments, or linking a Visa card, or Mastrecard, you pay fees. Payoneer, depends on the country and the currency you make the transaction, when receiving payments, if it is in dollars, in the American continent you have a low rate of 2%, if it is in Africa depends on the country, for example Angola, no there are transaction fees, both receiving payments, sending payment, and buying.

Payoneer rates also depend a lot on the location of the platform where you will make the purchase to pay the fees that you do not feel much in the balance.

Paypal charges the annual fee to move the account, since Payoneer, again depends on the region of his to collect, in Africa for example, properly in Angola, there is no such fee by Payoneer.

4- There are countries that use Paypal, it is only possible with a credit card, or prepaid debit, since Payoneer, it even offers a prepaid card Mastrecad for all its customers, to make purchases around the world , and withdrawals at any ATM that accepts the MasterCard card, making it easier for the Payoneer client to use their balance even without having access to the internet.
5º Paypal only serves for purchases and money sending online, since Payoneer, broke this protocol, you do not need internet, to make a purchase or to take your money physically.

Summarizing and concluding.

Paypal has 6 years of market experience compared to Payoneer, but it only serves to buy, send and receive payments online.
Payoneer, by simple words, I can say that it is the biggest and best online bank already developed in this century, because its payments are global and blunt.

Remembering, I did not come to put up a business dispute here, it's just a check, about the experiences I have about these two great and wonderful companies.

I hope you liked the content, I look forward to the next post.


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