How I Created Equity With My Medium Stories

At the beginning of my career here on the Medium platform, my focus was to help new writers joining the platform, understand how things work from the basics. At that time the partner program was still available to everyone in general. The great hype from Medium groups scattered across social media attracted quite a few newbies to join the platform, however, when they came across the payments issue, that’s where the problem-centered.

It was from there that I started to write stories talking about how these writers could overcome some barriers like the problem of having the Stripe account even if their country is not eligible, how to deal with the fees, how the readings worked, etc.

Without any intention, my stories were creating equity for me, as each new writer who sought to know more about Medium, in their research came across my stories and gained more desire to join the platform and so I made more equity.

  EQUITY — but what is this Equity?

Entrepreneurially equity is when a company has ownership and rights to profits. In investments, equity is the total capital that your investment is worth, from the capital in the withdrawal balance sheet (money ready to send to the bank and spend around), the capital allocated to investments (the total money invested, that is generating profit for you, remembering that profit is the equity itself), the profit (the profit is the capital that is being generated by the value allocated through the investments), and then the final value that reflects your total investment, this is what many have called Equity. If you are a human being with a business and you have no equity, then you have nothing. A YouTube channel is not equity, a personal blog or business website even if monetized is not equity, a Kiosk is not equity either.

The bottom line is when do I have equity?

A business or individual has equity when they have an emergency or survival fund that receives monthly contributions from the profits that the business or other income provides to that account. For example, a businessman doesn’t just have to have the business, he needs to have the business, a capital for emergencies in case the business is sued in court for violation of some law or property, or even if the company goes bankrupt. So the company takes the value of the boom and puts it in place of the lost value to raise the capital of the business. And there is survival capital, which is capital that is used for normal expenses in everything that you do in life. If you are traveling, supporting families, or taking care of your health, you are not going to wait for the profit of the company, to spend the money, you have a survival fund for that. So you will have a healthy company or business because it is unscathed by your needs. If you don’t have this, you have nothing.

How do I get equity?

You first need to make a savings plan. This is why economists are sometimes called cowhands, but they are not, they are preventing themselves from the worst. An economist who doesn’t know how to economize hasn’t learned what economics is.

So, to create equity you need to draw up a savings plan: divide your expenses into three, that’s the basics. Create an emergency fund, a survival fund, and an investment fund, which will be your main fund, because through this fund you will collect your equity every month. The money to defray your monthly expenses, cannot come out of your emergency fund nor in your investment fund, but your survival fund. This is why many companies go bankrupt. They see it this way: gee, I made $1,000 this month, so I’ll have fun with some bandits because next month I’ll have the other $1,000. People like that deserve to go bankrupt. Because next month the harm you are doing now, you will pay back next month. Because there will be someone with some problem in the family, the car will blow up, you’ll have to pay the tuition, you’ll pay the condo, the taxes, and in the end, there will be nothing left.

My Medium stories create equity for me because every month they generate profit for me, and that profit I invest to generate even more profit and in the end, I have considerable equity. Don’t spend your money on futilities, invest in three. Then you would have your freedom and financial independence at all costs.

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Casimiro Designer
Casimiro Designer

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