Game On! Creepts Community Tournament #1

Game On! Creepts Community Tournament #1

By Cartesi | Cartesi News & Updates | 9 Mar 2020

Creepts has been in full swing with our Rinkeby Testnet launch. We are now proud to present the first decentralized Creepts tournament which will be occurring March 10th, 2020 at 5am GMT. As part of our ongoing support for Creepts, this tournament will be the first of an ongoing monthly contest to award the top player for Creepts every month.

The tournament will have a submission phase for 24-hours, from March 10th, 5am GMT to March 11th, 5am GMT. At that time, every user who chooses to participate in the tournament will have to submit their scores and remain online after it concludes, with your environment running and browser open on the testnet. This is currently the technical limitation of this tournament, but it’s required in order to submit your scores to the testnet.

The winner with the highest score during the “reveal phase” will be awarded $200 in CTSI at the formal exchange listing price during payout. The winner’s score will automatically be submitted to Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet and the only identifying piece of information about the winner is the winner’s Ethereum address.

Note: This Ethereum address used to participate in this tournament, will also be the same exact address that’s associated with your private key, on the Ethereum mainnet. This specific address will receive CTSI on Ethereum’s mainnet.

How to Participate

Users will have to set-up the Creepts Client and Rinkeby Testnet. The full guide can be found below or here with games rules in the how to play section:





1) Contest Will end March 11th, 2020 at 5am GMT

2) You must set up and access the testnet to submit your score.

3) You must “Commit” your score to the testnet, this is your submission

4) If you “Commit” a score you do not like, feel free to participate again with a new “Wallet/Publickey” account.

5) You MUST remain online during the “reveal” or final phase of the contest. Meaning, your testnet and browser must remain open and online during the final minutes of the contest.

6) Winner will only be known by their public address unless the winner chooses to reveal their identity in the Cartesi community.

If you have any questions or issues in setting up your local testnet environment, we’ll be available on our Telegram and Discord channels to assist you.

Good luck to everyone!



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Cartesi News & Updates

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