Cartesi June Development Recap  -  Approaching Descartes SDK Documentation

Cartesi June Development Recap  -  Approaching Descartes SDK Documentation

By Cartesi | Cartesi News & Updates | 16 Jun 2020


We are now nearing the completion of the first version of Descartes, Cartesi’s SDK Documentation for Developers. This upcoming milestone is significant for us, as developers will be able to easily use Cartesi to build their own DApps.

After the documentation release, the full Descartes and Machine SDK software will be launched in the coming weeks.


Development Updates

Over the past month, the team has been working diligently on the first version of the Descartes SDK Documentation. We are in the last stages of preparing this version for public release.

In addition, the development team also worked on the new and improved Creepts infrastructure that powered the centralized contest which promoted our launch on WazirX, India’s largest exchange. The team updated the Creepts engine, fixed various bugs, and improved the game itself overall.


Additional notable milestones:

  • Completed the design of our hosted decentralized version of Creepts and future Platform as a Service. This means that in the future, users and developers of Cartesi’s DApps will be able to access a hosted Cartesi Node and build or use DApps as conveniently as they do applications today.
  • We have also made significant progress on our Proof of Stake Prototype design and implementation. Our staking contract is now ready and being tested. During the next quarter, we will be able to release prototype staking with Cartesi Nodes.

Stay tuned for exciting upcoming announcements!



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Cartesi News & Updates
Cartesi News & Updates

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