Tech companies are making cars now, and so there's a car brand that's branching out to makes smartphones

By LeftFooted | Cars & tech | 21 Apr 2024

Apple killed its self-driving car project after spending billions on it, but other tech companies haven't. Xiaomi, Huawei and Sony all make cars.

By contrast, there's now an automaker that's decided to go down the same exact route, except on the opposite lane, I guess, and make smartphones.

The company is called Polestar, formerly part of Volvo as its premium division, now a standalone brand under the Geely umbrella (along with Lotus and indeed Volvo).

The first Polestar phone will be developed by Xingji Mizue, a tech company that's also part of Geely.


Here's the bad news (or good news, depending on how you see it), the Polestar smartphone was teased on Weibo, which is basically China's Instagram, and it will debut in China first and, potentially, only.

I'm always intrigued by new products but, based on this one photo, the Polestar smartphone, which will run on Android (it's unclear whether Polestar customise the interface or not) definitely looks like another iPhone-inspired smartphone.


That side profile, with that smooth curve at the top, that's basically what every iPhone from 12 onwards look like. However, when you look at the phone as a whole, it's different.

It appears to be a lot longer, and the camera bump at the back is totally different.


No mention of pricing, and Chinese-made products are still good value, usually, but nowhere as 'cheap' as they used to be.

So I wouldn't make assumptions.

The launch is scheduled for April 23, so stay tuned.

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