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By Krypto Fan | Carona Outbreak | 19 Mar 2020

The Corona virus is doing exactly what it was created for
by the powers that be.
It has been reducing the population of the elderly among us
while instilling fear upon the ignorant.
It would appear that the drastic actions taken by the Government
to quell this outbreak will in the long run cause more harm
to people than the actual virus outbreak itself.
This virus is not only a biological weapon
but also an economical Attack. It is a created Black swan event.
The first of a series of black swan events that was engineered to
further destabilize and eventually bring down the global economy

The level of disruption caused by this so-called pandemic is
unprecedented. which begs the question why hasn't the previous
pandemics caused the same?
why weren't schools around the globe being closed for weeks
due to the swine flu pandemic in 2009? was it less viral than Carona?
or was it less lethal? and what about Ebola? was it less contagious
or was it less deadly?
Now I know that I am not the smartest bear in the park,
but if the number of people who have been infected and died
from the common flu globally was been reported every minute
on the hour from every country like the corona has,
what would be the difference between Carona and the common flu?
are they not basically the same? are they not both highly contagious
and deadly?
in fact the annual mortality rate for the influenza (aka common flu)
is between 250,000 to 600,000 in comparison to the coronavirus
which so far has only had less than 10,000 fatalities months after
the outbreak. obviously, something doesn't add up.
why did Carona warrant this level of panic and not the common flu
or even swine flu? which by the way have infected 61 million people
in the united states alone and killed over half a million people globally.

I am watching to see the outcome of this virus
for if when it has passed the numbers of infected does not match up
to the common flu, then it would have only proven to be a
well-orchestrated act of misdirection. a created distraction,
while the global elite work behind the scenes to usher in their
replacement for the current fiat-based economy with some type of
gold-backed currency or the quantum financial system. either way,
there will be a change in the economy due to this first created black swan.
next comes the geophysical upheavals, sudden and unexpected by most.
The earthquakes and volcanoes in America which will be another powerful
blow to the stock markets casing them to tumble
like Fidel Castro after that one speech.


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Krypto Fan
Krypto Fan

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Carona Outbreak
Carona Outbreak

This blog discusses the effects of the Carona virus outbreak and my personal thoughts about the whole thing.

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