New DEX on BSC - Airdrop for all BFG Hodlers!

New DEX on BSC - Airdrop for all BFG Hodlers!

Betfury one of the biggest crypto casinos just announced they will partner up with Biswap a decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain with incredible low fees.

On Decentralized Exchanges one can swap token through liquidity pooled by providers or on the other hand become a liquidity provider to earn fees on transactions. The special thing about Biswap is that it combines this principle with a referral system to earn a part of the fees your referrals earn. This sounds like an interesting idea to me.
To promote their kick-off you get up to 100% of your fees paid back in BSW the exchange's own token. So if you need to swap token on Binance Smart Chain this seems to be a great opportunity. If you want you can then put your BSW to work and get about 1000% APY on Biswap right now.

More over all holders of Betfury's own token BFG will get a BSW airdrop. If you don't have BFG yet you can earn some via Betfury's free boxes. Every 20 minutes you can claim a small reward of Bitcoin and BNB. For wagering these amounts you can earn some BFG.

So there's nothing more to say but head over to Betfury and Biswap to claim your free rewards.

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Carla XOXO

PS: Please guys, don't gamble with your hard earned crypto! Just use the opportunity to gamble with the free crypto you can claim.

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