BetFury's BFG token got listed on BiSwap!

BetFury's BFG token got listed on BiSwap!

BetFury - one of the largest crypto casinos - has a native token BFG. You earn BFG for wagering and get rewards every day for your staked BFG. So far nothing new but a few hours ago BetFury announced their token to be finally listed on BiSwap.

I instantly swapped my BFG and would highly recommend you to do so, too! Why?

Some time ago I deposited 5 bucks on BetFury just to farm some BFG. I don't like gambling but I thought maybe it will be a good investment to just keep my tokens and earn the daily rewards. I farmed nearly 200 BFG with these 5$ which gives me some cents staking payouts every month at the moment (due to constantly burning of BFG this might become more in the future - we will see).
When I saw the news that BFG got listed on BiSwap I instantly checked the price and swapped 175 BFG for 45$. So it already seems to be a pretty good deal for me. I kept 15$ and just gambled away the other 30$ and mined my BFG back. You can't repeat the whole process because all BFG mined after the listing is locked for half a year, but if you hold some BFG it might be a good idea to pull the same move.


I just wanted to share these news with you. As always: thank you for reading, liking and tipping!
Carla XOXO

PS: I highly recommend you not to gamble with big amounts of cash - you can only lose against the house! DYOR before investing in anything - especially in the crypto world!

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