Live Your Life With Mixed Emotions


Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued. - Socrates

Every human being aspires to live a good life. But the fact that we all define the phrase “good life” differently, considering that we have different perspectives in our life turns out to have a lot of answers to be considered and understanding the true meaning of life is important because it shapes our way of life. The following will present a variety of different perspectives on what the good life is all about.

Good Life is all about LOVE

The Bible tells us to live with eternal values: hope, faith, and love. As we have been fulfilled with God’s love, we must also share it with others. Your life being filled with love can state that you have a good life already. Imagine the fact that the people surrounding you are full of love and you cannot  ask for more because of the love they pour to you is priceless. Feeling the love towards  what you do gives your life a sense of direction and meaning. As for the love you feel towards all those people, that can mean your life because it will give you a sense of purpose every day.

Good Life is about Wealth

Many of us describe that having a good life is all about the material things you have and how luxurious your life is. Seeking for social status and fame as they hope these aspects will help them to live the good life well, they  directly associate the good life  with money and material belongings. Who doesn’t believe that you don’t have a good life when you are wearing expensive clothes and riding with a brand new car everyday? Running a big company that really helps the economy and throwing your money everywhere, it is either charity or bar.


Good Life is about Happiness

Yes it is indeed.  Are you happy right now? Does it make you feel having a good life too? Most of us think that when you are happy with everything you have and just living your life with happiness can make your life good. Happiness is what most of us want to feel. Sad to say that there are lots of people experiencing depression even though they have wealth and are showered by love. But life is not always filled with happiness, you may encounter a lot of problems that will make you strong along the way to the happiness you want. Remember, stories don't always have a happy ending.

There are lots of meanings to define the good life itself, for some people it can be love, wealth, happiness, self development and wisdom and many more. But what a good life means to me is also like that, I mean I can make my life good with the people I love, Life may be really good if I am capable of buying whatever I need and whatever I want to buy. Being happy also makes me have a good life. I am not always happy, I also have a lot of problems in life but that doesn't make you less as a person. The good life is in front of you, seize it and make the most of it. Living your life with love, hate, wealth and  happiness is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes it makes you happy, healthy and lively. Sometimes it can be very sad and frustrating. “You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth”  - William W. Purkey.

Live your life with mixed  emotions, Try to make out what gives you bliss. Indulge yourself in something that will make you enjoy doing and gives you satisfaction. That will definitely help you let go and move forward. Although you may be hurt by people, life should not stop there and try to live your life with happiness, love and satisfaction. 

Author's Note 
Thank you for reading. :>

God bless y'all

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