The Good, The Bad, and The Good Looking ~ The Ternio BlockCard
Image of a BlockCard

The Good, The Bad, and The Good Looking ~ The Ternio BlockCard



BlockCard is one of those crypto cards that seems to find you more than you end up finding it. I can scroll through web and end up having 50 brave notifications all trying to get me to take a look at this new card on the market. If I even type "crypto" or "card" in roughly the same sentence it pops up as the first result every time. After my last article in which I covered Coinbase's new debit card, it seemed like a no brainier that the next card I should cover is the new TERNIO BlockCard.


Reasons why this card should be worshiped


TERN Payment System

  • Blockcard supports the depositing of up to 12 different crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bat. The card then converts your crypto into TERN which simplifies the payment system to various kiosks and merchants. TERNIO is a coin that specializes in fast and secure payments; it is also one of the few coins with a blockchain that is actually functionally scalable to its given markets.


Free Digital Wallet and Virtual Card

  • Upon signing up for the card you are entitled to a free digital storage to hold your coins and are even given access to a virtual card. This allows you full usage to the card immediately upon signing up. In addition it allows you to figure out if you actually like using the service much sooner compared to if you had to wait for the plastic card.


Low Fees For Use

  • Just to confirm. Blockcard has fees to use it. Its website says it charges you no fees but with every card, not just crypto cards, there are *always* fees. That being said, the card does have some of the lowest fees I have seen so far. There is a 5$ monthly fee for usage but if the user spends over 750$ a month then the don't need to pay the fee. All other typical fees are ATM cash withdrawal fees such as domestic withdrawal at 3$. There are in fact 0 crypto withdrawal fees so as long as you don't use it to buy anything (who'd want to do that right?) then you can put in and take out as much crypto as you want





Reasons why this card is wearisomely close to being kicked into hell




Relies on the stability of TERN

  • If there's one thing iv learned from crypto in past several years it's this. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. While unifying all your crypto assets might make processing transactions easier, it is risky in this world of crypto to just assume that TERN will maintain its price point. It is still very much effected by market fluctuation and is as likely as any other currency to just start tanking. TERN is NOT a stable coin, and nothing I have seen so far has made believe its more stable than any other coin. While you could hold off on depositing crypto into the card until you decide to actually spend it, that extra level of steps is almost absurd to have to deal with in order to just use a card.





Does it look good in your wallet?




BlockCard is definitely the sexiest crypto card I have see so far. The TERN logo is uniquely presented on the card giving it a solid crypto vibe unique to the card. The gold trim is also fabulous and I love the fact that the main color for it is a clean Velcro black. And in addition the plastic card they are also developing a METAL CARD. Little secret here but I absolutely love metal cards. The weight of them is nice and they honestly just look better, especially when that card already looks as slick as the TERNIO BlockCard. 9/10 If they could just finish the metal card already.




Overall, BlockCard is honestly a pretty good card for its price. While it isn't chock full of as many features as I would like, it makes up for this with it's highly competitive fees and streamlined payment service. Its one downside is the instability of TERN, but instability is the common theme for all crypto currencies, so if your brave enough to have crypto at all then your probably brave enough to use this card.


Crypto enthusiast and fan of all metal cards!

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Cards of the Cryptoverse

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