Meta Girlfriends: The Saddest NFT Project I've Ever Seen

By CardiCorgi | CardiCorgi's Blog | 30 Dec 2021

Some NFT projects are just plain sad.

I'm not talking about scams or unoriginal, boring art. I'm talking about projects that make me feel sorry for the people who buy in to them. In this case, I'm talking about Meta Girlfriends, a new NFT project on the Ethereum network. As of writing this, 1,129 of a supply of 10,000 have been minted. I'll let the description on the website speak for itself:ย 

"Meta Girlfriends represent the mature side of NFT Art. They are randomly generated using over 600 traits, across 20 categories, to guarantee each one comes with a unique personality."

Let me say something: the Meta Girlfriends project is far from being mature. The artwork is generated using various elements clearly borrowed from video games, including a D.Va suit from Overwatch and Mario's red hat. To buy these artworks is to pay money for a single, somewhat risquรฉ, randomly generated, cartoon of a woman.

But wait, it gets worse. This was the point where I decided to write an article about the project. By verifying that you are over 18 years old, more "interesting" content is unlocked. That's right, you can see that immature cartoon of a woman without clothes. I mean, that's just sad. These people are actually paying, on average, $369 for some of the most readily available free content on the internet.


I just spent time I can't get back researching this project for this article. Please tip so it was worth it.

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