Chopper motorcycle made with recyclable cardboard

By angdavid1981 | Cardboard crafts | 8 Jul 2022


Chopper motorcycle made with recyclable cardboard



Chopper motorcycle


Hello, how are you friends, today in this my first post on my craft blog I want to bring before you the elaboration of a chopper-type motorcycle, made 100% of cardboard. In my previous publication I told you about my passions, and one of them is this, the manufacture of antos or motorcycles in cardboard. Today I want to show you the step by step of how I made this craft, so I hope you like it and stay to see the final result.



Materials you use


  • Paperboard
  • pair of scissors
  • cold silicone and stick
  • compass
  • Cold paint
  • Brushes



Once we have our materials, the first thing we do is make the frame or chassis of the motorcycle for this, we take measurements at what size we want our motorcycle and we proceed to measure, cut and paste the parts of the frame or cool of our motorcycle. In the following image I show you what measure to cut for the first step.


In this next step we are going to shape the chassis by joining the previously measured and cut pieces, we will join it by adding a little hot Silicon to make the union stronger






Having our chassis assembled we can paint it and reserve it while we make the other components such as the gas tank, the seat fork of the motorcycle, the wheels.

The gas tank




Once the above is done, we paint and reserve for Then make the wheels for the motorcycle 🏍️




List the wheels we start with the engine, cameras the exhaust pipes






Already having a large part of the bike, its parts we can gradually put together the already-made parts, when we have all ready, the small details of aesthetics come. Like the chain, headlights and some other touch-ups, it is only personalized as you would like it to look.



Well my friends, after a couple of days making this craft, the result I got from the transformation of these cards I will show you in the next one with the final result, I hope you like it.







And in this way I start my craft blog. and if you get this far I want to thank you for taking a minute of your time to see my blog. Thanks to everyone for your support. God bless you and have a happy and blessed day.




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