By Budsteroo | Carbon Art | 3 Sep 2019

So I spend six months every year away from my family. It is not easy being 8000 miles away from home, working in a remote and harsh environment. 

Finding something to pass the time always helps. I have always enjoyed sketching with pencil, but took to experimenting with charcoal recently. As a new and challenging medium to work with, I also find it very forgiving. Covering or removing errors can be done easily without removing half the paper aswell; or leaving indented furrows where pencil lines used to be.

As I said I am still very much experimenting with the ways it can be used. some of my work I do not particularly like, but it is all playing its part in helping me to develop my methods.

The first piece of work I will share serves as the thumbnail for this blog.


How to Half your Carbon Footprint


Carbon Art
Carbon Art

Experimenting with charcoal drawings #Art #Carbonart

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