KOINPRO - Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs!

KOINPRO - Trading Cryptocurrency CFDs!

By Carbodex | Carbodex | 29 May 2020

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Hello! Today we will talk about trading tools and new tools in the field of exchange trading and cryptocurrency. I came across such a project as KOINPRO which allows you to expand the horizons of the usual cryptocurrency trading. The fact is that the project uses CFDs contracts on its platform, and also uses cryptocurrency as a financial element of transactions on the platform. Working with cryptocurrency in the field of exchange-traded asset trading is very relevant. It should be noted a large number of requests for these positions. And knowing that countries such as China are withdrawing their capital to cryptocurrency, we can safely say that the growth of cryptocurrency CFD contracts will increase.


What is a CFD contract and how do they work


CFD (Contract For Difference, CFD) is a financial instrument (also known as a price difference contract) similar to an index or stock. CFD allows you to trade the corresponding asset, even if you do not own it.

CFDs are classified as over-the-counter financial derivatives, allowing you to profit from price changes for various financial assets, including index futures, trading futures, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and exchange-traded securities.

CFD price is the price of an asset (stock, index, or futures). If the price of an asset increases, the price of CFDs will increase. An important difference is the absence of exchange fees and other disadvantages of trading stocks on the stock exchange. CFDs allow you to take advantage of leverage, which is usually not available in stock transactions. Over the past few years, CFDs have gained immense popularity. KOINPRO offers commission-free CFDs and very attractive margin conditions.

> Introducing the exclusive KoinPro dual contract! Automatically exit the position as soon as you have reached 100% profit!

You can make a profit by buying CFD contracts (if you expect that their price will rise) or by selling them (if you are sure of the reverse market trend). Your profit will be determined as the difference between the amount of purchase and sale of CFD-contracts.

To trade CFDs, you need margin as well as leverage to increase capital. KOINPRO offers leverage of at least 100 times your investment. You can buy or sell a contract to receive income from the growth or fall of the market.

A single account opens access to the market for indices, gold, oil, and of course, a large number of cryptocurrency pairs. Received transaction revenue? Use it: open new positions and increase your income. If you wish, you can distribute your investment in various markets.




This is a global platform for trading cryptocurrency and exchange assets. All transactions on the platform are carried out using CFD contracts (principles of operation and what is indicated above). 2 types of CFD contracts will be available: Perpetual Contract and Double Contract. The choice of contract depends only on your market strategy.

We also get an anonymous blockchain platform, so KYC is not needed to trade on the KOINPRO market. We also get a trading platform with a high transaction rate of more than 10.000 (TPS). Leverage 100x of our capital and 50% cashback.


Exchange assets

At KOINPRO, we can trade certain global assets: gold, crypto BTC / USDT, BTC / JPN225, BTC / UK100, BTC / EUSTX 50, BTC / TECH100, BTC / SP500, BTC / WTI OIL, BTC / DJ30, BTC / GER30 BTC / AUS2000. All information about these lean assets is readily available.


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JPN225 example:

The Nikkei 225 (JPN225), better known as "The Nikkei", is the Japanese stock exchange index based on the capitalization of the top 225 companies traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). It is a weighted average index based on the yen, and its value is calculated daily by the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei), since the introduction of the index in 1950. The Nikkei 225 Index was introduced on September 7, 1950, and was retroactively calculated until May 16, 1949. Futures trading on Nikkei 225 began in 1986 on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), and then, in 1990, in the United States, after they were first introduced on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). The Nikkei Index is the most important index of Japanese exchanges, followed by Topix, which tracks all 1,669 companies in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

What are the benefits of KoinPRO CFD?


• There are no commissions since you are not acquiring a physical (base) asset and you have no obligations for this asset. Price Difference Contract (CFD) is a contract between you and KoinPRO.
• Trading with leverage (100x). Significant capital is required for the physical purchase of an underlying asset. Opening a deal on CFDs, you pay tens of times less. Remember that trading with leverage increases your profits, but when the market moves in the opposite direction, it leads to losses.
• The margin required to maintain an open position when the market moves in the opposite direction is equal to the margin needed to open a position.
• CFD contracts do not lose their relevance over time and do not go out of circulation since the market is dynamic: as a rule, a downturn usually follows a downturn.
• The potential for hedging risks. If trading is not quite as planned, open an equivalent reverse position.
• Ability to trade a wide range of instruments on one platform.





KOINPRO Bonuses!


The KOINPRO team - generously attracts new users and extensively develops its trading platform. The project has several tools to attract new users. Say, when registering at KOINPRO, you can get a bonus of $15 subject to the necessary conditions: FREE $15

First deposit bonus of 20% up to $ 2000. Every company wants to attract more customers. Often we can meet a deposit bonus. 20% is a good starting bonus. I think many traders take full advantage of this system.

Great referral program. Of course, the KoinPRO referral program has its unique features. We get 41.7% of the fees of the person we invited. However, then the system reduces our profits. Full information about the referral program.


My opinion on KOINPRO


Interesting enough project. Studying materials on various trading floors, I came across information that cryptocurrency transactions based on the principle of CFD contracts are gaining great popularity. Simple registration, Excellent customer loyalty program, anonymity. Great project from all sides. Thank you for your attention.


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🔊Only the best projects on the blockchain. 🔊ICO Review. 🔊 Bounty program. 😁Welcome!😁


🔊Only the best projects on the blockchain. 🔊ICO Review. 🔊 Bounty program. 😁Welcome!😁

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