Ethereum Foundation Has a New Executive Director. Who's She?

By Chenhuang_defi | CanUHodl | 7 Aug 2019

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA), which has numerous established companies like Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase as its members, has announced a new addition to its board: Aya Miyaguchi. Miyaguchi has been the Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation since February 2018.  

At the same time, the EEA announced the formation of the EEA Mainnet initiative, which was perhaps what Miyaguchi was referring to in the official announcement. Aya Miyaguchi said, 

As blockchain adoption accelerates, it’s important that the Ethereum Foundation work to connect businesses with the latest research and development coming from our worldwide community, and that we convey our challenges and experiences while better understanding those impacting industries. I hope that this common understanding and cooperation will bring Ethereum’s technology more broadly and effectively to the world.

Miyaguchi has a lot of experience in the crypto industry. Having graduated from the San Francisco State University, Miyaguchi has worked as the VP of Operations for the Japanese division of the Kraken exchange, before becoming Managing Director of Kraken Japan. It was after this that she joined the Ethereum Foundation. 


The mainnet initiative is an effort to bring both enterprise and startup members of the EEA to see how decentralized solutions can be tailored for commercial market needs. The effort is essentially wants to bring various stakeholders together to develop reliable, necessary and effective solutions for different industries.

As Ethereum 2.0 steadily comes around the corner, it will be interesting to see how the EEA will bolster the Ethereum ecosystem with strategic business decisions. 


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