Ampleforth $AMPL Calculator Spreadsheet for Investors

By Chenhuang_defi | CanUHodl | 2 Jul 2020

Ampleforth made headlines across all crypto media outlets in the last days right after the launch of its incentive program called Geyser. It has very unique characteristics of elastic supply with daily supply changes depending on price which make it a little more difficult to analyse, so I made this tool to help track. 

Many people struggle to understand where does the current value of AMPLs in their wallet comes from so I decided to put together a simple calculator so you can see by yourself how price and supply influence the final value of your holdings.

See the spreadsheet here: Google Spreadsheets - you need to copy it over or download it as xlm to be able to use it. Then play around, put your own values in, or project out into the future to speculate and see what will happen with positive or negative supply changes.

How to use the calculator?

Here's what you'll see after opening the sheet:



The data you see in Rebase % and AMPL $ Price (oracle) are manually pulled from Ampleforth's dashboard: and it's up to date (2 July). 

The highlighted green field is the field you can play around right away and input any amount of AMPLs to see the rest of the columns change values: 

Daily Tokens from Supply Rebase: This column shows the amount of extra AMPLs you'd see in your wallet based on a positive rebase.

AMPL Token Totals: Initial amount of AMPLS + Compounded tokens from Rebase column 

$ Value: total value in USD of your holdings 

Feel free to play around and ask questions in the comments! Also, if you wish to see how the price and rebase has impacted the values after 2nd July then you need to manually pull the numbers from their dashboard:


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