this guy screwed theses guys

CHICAGO companies doing mob stuff, also the sun rose today


Green Thumb is a company that has been taken over by this shady investor, Kovler. It is reported that he knew nothing about cannabis but had money and connections. I guess he tricked Cary Neiman, who had founded the GTi company into a bad deal and Zuckerberged him out onto the street, The now acquired, Kovler's Green Thumb is being investigated for alleged pay to play activities. They were the first licensed shop in Illinois and have had access to many opened doors.

GTi now has 56 retails stores and are in 15 different states. They produce prerolls, gummies, and oils.The story is, he comes in with a bunch of cash, pays off the right folks and has doubled his business' equity value by doing so.

The problem with legalization is that prohibition makes king makers and once that happens the whole things falls apart. There is no legitimacy to the prohibition of cannabis. We need to decriminalize fully, and without regulation.

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Graham Svorten
Graham Svorten

I am a what you might call a Cannabis Enthusiast. I believe all use is medicinal, taxation is theft & while ketchup does not belong on hotdogs it's not "wrong". Also enjoy seeking out the answers to some of life oldest questions like what is there to eat?

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