New Curing Method?

New Curing Method?

           Hello there fellow cannabis enthusiast!

                                                                Too Much? Aight I'll chill  .. (e.e) 


     Let me ask  you this real quick, do you sometimes wish that your harvest would be ready to smoke AND taste amazing? Do you ever wonder how some growers have tight packed buds? I believe i have found a simple trick that  can speed up the process without compromising on taste or burn quality. 

     Remember, always try anything new on a small amount of your harvest, to lessen the chance of harming the rest of your harvest, you can never be too careful! ~ 

      Also another big reminder, this is for your buds that have already been properly dried! (I'll post something about it soon!)

     Lets get too it!

    It consists of a few quick and simple steps. The photos below show it in step form. ⬇

     Step 1:  

                 All you need is your curing jars (mine are Juan Valdez coffee containers ; I drink a lot of coffee >_>), two dry towels, a bucket, and a heat source; I prefer to use the sun.



                                                 All the materials you need, besides the sun



        Step 2: 


                           Now that you have all your materials ready, you set one of the towels first, preferably the thicker one,  place your curing jars inside. Be sure to bring the sides of the base towel to surround the jars.





        Step 3:



                   Finally you place the second towel on top and around the jars and set it out under your heat source, and let it sweat it out for some time, occasionally checking on it, until you see beads forming on the inside of the jar. 

Immediately remove jars from the bucket, shake it up, and leave the jars open to let the buds breathe and cool down, until the walls are no longer moist. Rinse and repeat until your buds have reached your preferred level of cure.


        And that's all there is too it! I hope it works for you how it has been working      for me, and that's amazingly well ^_^                 

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Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption
Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption

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