Thin Mint - Review

Thin Mint - Review

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 9 Dec 2019

Have you ever had Girl Scout Cookies?

If you answered yes, then please tell me your honest review on it, Cause the time I had it I was not impressed, It was a very light buzz to me.

I always say that we should try strains more than once, This is a different phenotype then the regular Girl Scout Cookie so I knew I had to try it and see if it was the regular strain that I didn't like or was it maybe the grower, Cause I always say that the grower and the way a strain is grown makes a huge difference in the final smoke

Girl Scout Cookies is a well-known name in the cannabis space but do you know what strains make up the parents? This one is a killer combo of OG Kush and Durban poison just like the Original cookies strain, But this is the true joy of how growers/breeders change things to the way they want the plant. I was not able to find the original breeder is the same grower that made the GSC strain.



The Review



The smell was top notch on this one, It had that strong kushy mint smell to it. I was quite shocked that it had a mint smell to it too be honest.




I would have to say this was another shock that it was a hint of mint to the taste as well, I am not a fan of mint flavour but this one was not too strong.



These are some of the best looking trim wise buds I have had in a long time, they are clearly machine trimmed would be my guess. They have this shine to them with some insane amount hairs to give it that nice green and red looks to it.



The buzz on this was a strong one, It was a very strong body buzz that took hold the first bong toke I took. This to me would be a great strain for anyone that has any pains that day. The munchies will kick in pretty quick and make you keep thinking you want to eat more and more, So in the end, this was a top-notch buzz.


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