Tetrapak Challenge - Update # 10 - Strain - Blue

Tetrapak Challenge - Update # 10 - Strain - Blue

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 13 Oct 2020

This strain is a slow grower but when she takes off I guess she booms. so I am waiting for that point. I have never grown this strain before just had a couple of clones that didn't make it.



Category: Regular Seed
Strain: Blue - Blueberry/Blue Dream
Week: 4 (October 7th)
Soil Type: Living Organic soil



Are you looking to join the #tetrapakchallenge? You can find the rules below or at this link for future reference [TetraPak Rules ](https://hackmd.io/ohgCKbnPQtqs633b52KeaQ)

TetraPak Challenge - Rules Post

Rules and format to Post:

1st: Can be any grow that you have ongoing. Within the 3 categories (Regular seed, Autoflower, Clone)

2nd: Have 2 or more photos per post. Or Video.

3rd: At least a brief description Words for each Weekly Post.

4th:Use #grow-log & #tetrapakchallenge as tags

5th: Add Your strain + Category type in the title

6th: Use this standard format for the top of the post

Ferts type: liquid / Living soil

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