💎 The Next Gem? TSUKA Top 1 Holder Joegrower420.eth Bought SUZUME

By Candlestick | Candlestick | 23 Aug 2022



Quick Take

  • You don’t need to be the smartest one to profit but follow the group of the smartest.

👉Top Smart Money Net Buy Tokens



Gem Hunt Step 1 - Smart Money Top Net Buy Value Token List

$SUZUME in the Smart Money 1- hour Top Net Buy Value leaderboard. Top-Net-Buy-Value-Smart-Money.jpeg

Candlestick supports 5min, 1h resolutions that enable you to capture real-time opportunities.

Click on it to check the Net Buy Amount indicator. Switch to “Smart Money” mode. There is a Smart Money Buying peak at 7:00 UTC.


👉Top Smart Money Net Buy Tokens



Gem Hunt Step 2 - Who Smart Money is buying?

Go to Live Trading – DEX Trades, and switch to “Smart Money” mode. 


It revealed that Joegrower420.eth bought $2.1K worth of SUZUME tokens at $0.0000052.

But you may think there are other Smart Money sold SUZUME. Though Joegrower420.eth & Kanema.eth bought in, how do you generally know whether the Smart Money group is in or not?  👉 Check Smart Money addresses balance & changes


There is 2 info we can get from the SUZUME Smart Money holders table.

  • Among the Smart Money group, in the past 7d, the total balance change is an increase of 4 million SUZUME tokens.
  • Joegrower420.eth is the No.2 holder with $37.8k value of SUZUME tokens.


👉Take a sneak peek of Smart Money & Debank Tops balance change: + or -?



Gem Hunt Step 3 - Understand this Smart Money better.

If you are a Gem hunter or meme coins trader, you must know TSUKA, which kills 3 0 in the past 3 months, from $0.00001382 to $0.06692. 


We can see from the above chart that Smart Money started to hold TSUKA when the price was very very low. And then they took some profit when the first 0 was killed. Till now, not much big sell movements.

Check the TSUKA Smart Money Top Holders table -Joegrower420.eth is the No.1 Top Holders!


Now, Joegrower420.eth is in SUZUME. Will it be the next Gem? 👇

Monitor SUXUME Top Smart Money Holders Balance Change      

Tutorial - Check The Smartest Groups Balance Changes

👉Just $3.3/per day to unlock for higher profit!





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