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🚀Before the Price Surge: Top Holders Withdrew Stablecoin From CEX, Bought $GETH On DEX And Locked $GETH Liquidity

By Candlestick | Candlestick | 10 Mar 2023


$GETH (Goerli ETH) rebounded 26.02% to $0.3269 today.



After adding Smart Money and GETH top holders to the Watchlist, we discovered that some Smart Money traders with good trading records purchased GETH.  

At the same time, some top-holding addresses added liquidity instead of selling.



Smart Money Accumulation Signals

On Feb 27, $GETH dropped from $1.27 to $0.244.

According to the Watchlist, we found out that some Smart Money traders started to buy the dip. 5 Smart Money buy orders from $0.27 – $0.38.




On Mar 3, 2 Smart Money traders with sound trading records bought $GETH.

45f1 built a position at Avg $0.35. He is the $PAW early investor with 7x unrealized gains.



We found more in the $GETH Top Smart Money Holders chart.



  • #2 Holder 71cb: He made 499%+ on $EGGS
  • #4 Holder N***.eth: He is a Smart Money that our subscribers made 2x by following his signals. 

Smart DEX Trader b548 loaded 113,816 ($32.9K) $GETH at Avg $0.28. 

As we shared before, he always makes nice calls.



From Mar 3 – Mar 9, Smart DEX Trader b548 kept accumulating $GETH.

On Mar 6, b548 increased 34.15% ($7.8K) of his positions at Avg $0.1835.


On Mar 9, b548 bought 47,447.6 ($14.8K) more $GETH at Avg $0.312.


👉Track Live Smart Money Signals



Top Holders Provided $GETH Liquidity

On Mar 8, after adding $GETH Top Holders to Wallet Watchlist, on-chain data revealed bullish signals.

These Top $GETH Holders withdrew many Stablecoins from CEX on Mar 6.


Then they bought a large amount of $GETH starting from $0.16. Right before the $GETH surge from $0.16 to $0.27.


Then they added the $GETH liquidity to DEX pools. 


That’s why when you check the $GETH Top Holder’s balance, you did not see balance increases from any of the Top Holders because they provided the tokens into the $GETH liquidity pool.



It is a bullish signal indicating top holders are unwilling to sell.

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How To Track An Address?

You can track a particular address’s DEX Trading, CEX Flow, and liquidity movements by adding it to the Watchlist.

Add your favorite token’s Top Holders to the wallet watchlist, and reveal secrets.

2 steps

  1. Go to the Top Holder chart
  2. Hover on it & click “Add To My Watchlist.”



Then go to “My Wallet Watchlist” to check the latest movements.


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