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By canadians4crypto | canadians4crypto | 20 Mar 2020

I would like to begin by saying that although I have a position in both CHZ and it's associated Socios Fan Tokens, this article should not be read as financial advice and thus should be read for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial advisor and I am not sponsored nor work for Cilliz. I have written this out of my own volition and am no way associated with the project. Now...on to something fun!

As many of you know, fans spread across the globe tune-in several times a week for two to three hours at a time for a shared experience that can bring fans  from heartbreaking tears to tears of joy. These Fanatics (myself included) tend to yell, scream, and "armchair quarterback" their favorite franchises to friends, strangers and even inanimate objects but now we can finally have input into some of the decisions our favorite clubs make.

In our current sports hiatus, I couldn't help to think that this is the perfect time to introduce to some a crypto project that I find most interesting and even may help some of us pass the time waiting for life to resume. is a crypto project built on the Chilliz erc20 compliant Blockchain that allows wallet holders the opportunity to buy, sell and trade limited edition team tokens, along with their associated voting rights and perks to any other wallet holder. These exclusive and most importantly limited "Fan Tokens" are liggit!  Teams like Barcelona, Juventus, West Ham, Galatasaray, Paris Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid have already signed up and are giving these holders exclusive offers, discounts and a chance to finally have their voices heard.

Each individual token can be bought and sold through the app which is now available for IOS (testnet) and Android phone systems. The Android version delivers on a clean and thoughtful design that allows the user to easily transition from being a typical armchair quarterback to actually having their voice heard and participate in exclusive privileges ("merchandise, rewards and once in a lifetime experiences") by the club they love.

The participating clubs are expected to offer polls to token holders that are binding and some that aren't. This magnificent word "binding" means that if you own enough of your favorite clubs tokens, you can actually have voice and make a real difference on and off the pitch; all the while enjoying rewards and experiences that the general public won't have access too. The Socios website gives us a little insight into what kinds of decisions holders will be able to vote on. Some of these examples are jersey designs, stadium music, and even naming rights for training grounds! The possibilities are endless.

Although the skeptic might view this as yet another fan membership with rewards, I kindly remind you that these tokens are fully transferable and can be bought, sold and traded on the open market! With VIP meet and greets, exclusive dugout experiences, and of course signed merchandise, these tokens show promise to appreciate in value over time. I believe even if the user base for these limited 20 million tokens are low right now, with a fan base in the hundreds of millions for this single team, and the increased interested in blockchain technology and crypto currency, we could see these prices swell up over time. 

Currently valued at 2 euros each, team tokens are selling fast! Especially since for a limited time, you are able to use their augmented reality feature within the app to hunt for free CHZ and fan tokens. This opportunity will not always be available and should be taken advantage of while the opportunity presents itself.  Another potential advantage for users is that Socios card holding members will soon be able to load their membership cards and use their CHZ just as easy as fiat in participating locations.

It's amazing what digital ledger technology is allowing us to do these days; I for one am really excited for the tokenization of sports! Please feel free to leave any comments below. I'm always looking to improve the quality of my writing!

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