Can memes be dreams?

By Josh MMoore | Can memes be dreams? | 5 Nov 2021

New crypto coins take the world by storm, but do they have any technical use, that is the questions that we have been asking for?


DOGE, HOGE, SHIBA all have one good feature and that are low fees for transferring from one account to another. And they have high price for it. Gas fees are killing sometimes overcrowded networks and sometimes even the exchanges takeaway the earned profit.

But there is a solution. A disruptor in the meme economy.

First of all, what is BANANO?

BANANO is NANO’s fork which act as feeless, instant withdrawal method.

Have you ever heard about BANANO?

Every day we are bombarded with new sponsored cryptocurrency which is going to make you rich and offer 100x return, but they often see as scams and don’t have any real use, even if they are a joke.

BANANO seems to have the right solution and it is the new meme coin.

Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy.

This is what is written at their website where they say they are disrupting the meme economy. Where memes can be dreams? Does it sound to good to be true?

In my honest opinion, BANANO is the future of cryptocurrency meme scene where you can create your memes absolutely for nothing and to transfer assets between different accounts is feeless, not like mad crazy Ethereum fees.

Their REDDIT community is huge and constantly growing where you can see the honest comments about the meme currency and what does it enable.

Most meme cryptocurrencies (SHIBA INU, DOGE, HOGE) are constantly growing and introducing people into crypto market, but BANANO is something new where most people can benefit and learn something new and get their creative force to work.

Mining BANANO is possible and that is where the biggest potential is seen, by mining BANANO you are helping medical research to solve problems and sequence different proteins which can help scientist in developing cure for Alzheimer’s and etc.

That is why BANANO is the future.

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Josh MMoore
Josh MMoore


Can memes be dreams?
Can memes be dreams?

This is a blog about BANANO-feeless and instant crypto meme currency

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