By can-amcitizen | can-am citizen | 25 Jul 2021

Hi everyone. Today was a sad, but happy day if that makes sense. It was my sister's celebration of life gathering in Canada. I live in the U.S so I could not be there in person.  I was going back and forth in my head if I should ask someone to zoom me into it . So this morning I put the word out on my facebook page trying to get someone too. A couple of people said maybe, they will see what they could do. now let me set you up again with some background. In my the town where my family lives, we have about 1600 family members there. So to just get a couple of people saying they will try was dishearten to me. But I stay positive that someone will come through for me. Its starts and I get nothing, no one is telling me anything.  I finally figure out how to send an ecard to someone's cell or facebook .So I send a condolence card to my brother-in-law and niece. He responses with thankyou and then tells me no one has a there  computer to zoom . This is bullshit in this day and age, so I know he is lying to me . And they all have cell phones. Then he sends me a picture of my sister's urn and a picture of a board with photos on it of  my sister that my niece did of my sister. There are about 15 pictures on it, I am only in one of them. Its like he is  just rubbing it in that I am not personally there. That is why I left my town, my family is two faced and will screw their own mother over. This is how bad my family is...........my first wife I left because I came home from work (12 hour shift, only one working with 3 kids) and ask my girls "where is mommy". they were 4 ,3, and 1 at the time. They said in the bedroom. So I walked into the bedroom to find my cousin(one of my closest friends) having sex with my wife. So I kicked him and have not spoken to him since. About a year after this happened he called me and said" Dont worry I forgive you for not talking to me". I just said " forgive you , your the one who slept with my wife, go ..................... "and then I hang up on him.  So I do not have any  faith in my family. So around 5 pm( its started at 2 pm) , my brother-in-law's sister texted me and said "sorry, but no one had a computer, and only a couple of people showed because it is raining hard here". Now remember there is about 1600 relatives that live in the area. Only 6 to 8 people showed up. Ain't that some bull poopy. I am so outraged right now. If I was up there I would be going off on people. Its bad enough I found out no one visits my mom in the long term care place ( there is about 30 people that she constantly had interaction with or helped out) , now people can't even take a couple of hours out of one day to say love you to my sister .She would helped  anyone there in a heartbeat. All I can say is "sister, I love you and I will miss you. Hope you are finally not in pain and are happy" as I take my shot of whiskey . So I am rambling on right now because I am so angry, hurt, disguised with everyone. Thank you all for letting me vent in here. This is my life in the raw,. It is messy, hard, frustrating, and I say things as I think it (A.D.D effect) out of my mouth. It can get me into trouble sometimes too, lol. So again positive note to leave on...... I am blessed to have the spiritual strength to deal with this all .Until next time, may you have a happy day.

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I am a 51 year man in a 20 year interracial relationship. So I have had my eyes opened for me with humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.

can-am citizen
can-am citizen

writing about my interracial marriage, my A.D.D and life's challenges.

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