By can-amcitizen | can-am citizen | 2 Jun 2021

Hi everyone, this is my very first blog so let me tell you a little about me. 51 year old man in an interracial relationship for 21 years now. I have A.D.D with having all 15 to 20 symptoms, not just the normal 5 to 7 and I am not on meds for it.  I just started to do stock trading and working on my house. My wife has a long list of health issue like fibromyalgia, MCS(multiple chemical sensitivity), and anxiety, and a few others. So lets just say it is never dull around my place, lol.  I love working outside and I  have my Class A with full endorsements. My wife and I both love to laugh and sing, she is like an angel singing and I sound like someone bring tortured. I will be just talking about life and whats going on with mine, and just maybe I might be able to help other people with my experiences . My wife is really spiritual and I love that about her. I am personally just starting to tap into my spirituality. 

Every day I get up around 7 am and log into my trading account. Today I had my best gain so far(i just started my focus on love), spent $600 to make $150 in 20 minutes. I also go into YouTube and listen to binary beats or listen to American Native flute music(something that allows me to live in love). I grew up in Canada and moved to the U.S in the early 2000's. Back home as a child I had 100 acres of forest to run, play and explore in. Grew around all kinds of animals(black bears, wolves, moose, deer, rattlesnakes) So that is why I love outdoors, I feel grounded when I am in nature.  Now as you can tell, I am all over the place with my thoughts, sorry, lol. I believe by calming yourself and being in a place of love while existing that everyone around you will benefit. I think that this pandemic has showed us that we as humans need each other and that the best part of living is family and friends. And we have also learned that when we put others first that humanity-us  become stronger. I want to believe that we are evolving as a species because of what we have being going through. 

So as you can tell , I am also very passionate about life. I think that life can be beautiful, wonderful, mysterious,  and painful. So I will leave you with this to ponder.....if you look at other people as your new born child, and you just love unconditionally like you do them, then your first interaction with other people will be kindness and openness. You we understand what I am saying if you try this. I have been doing this for the past month and I have only received smiles and kindness back. This is all it takes to make this earth a better place to live. The hardest thing I have done so far in life was to believe in myself and forgive myself for past/present actions. I have come to realize(after 50 years, little slow sometimes, lol) that  wisdom comes from your love spirit and if you put out love to the universe it will send it back to you. Only yourself has the power to destroy yourself. Well thanks for reading my long ramblings. I hope that at least one thing I wrote today brought you a smile or made you feel love in some way. May your lives to touched with love today, bye for now

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I am a 51 year man in a 20 year interracial relationship. So I have had my eyes opened for me with humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.

can-am citizen
can-am citizen

writing about my interracial marriage, my A.D.D and life's challenges.

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