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By can-amcitizen | can-am citizen | 25 Feb 2022

Hi everyone. Well, I just wanted to start by saying my prayers are with the Ukrainian people. And it is also with my fellow Canadian truckers I am there in spirit. I have my Class A CDL with full endorsements (X-hazardous material and tanker/T-double and triples/M-motorcycle). But I have not worked in the trucking industry for 2 years. I quit my last truckering job because the big box store just totally abused me. They would over book us, add deliveries on part way through the day, never help us gathered the deliveries, make us also carry into the customer houses and on top of that we were not allowed to take any cash tips. Plus, we would have to go and try to fix any appliances our company delivered and would not even pay us tech wages when we did that. I also did a 30 -40-foot flatbed for the 4 years I worked there. I really enjoyed that part. I would not say the name of the company but it's in the top five of home improvement brands. I am thinking of getting back into trucking, but this time I don't really need the money, so I am only going to work for a local no touch fright company. I do not want any overtime and I only want part time work. It's nice in be in a position that I can dictate the kind of job I have. Crypto took a big pull back this week, but I did not panic and sold any coins. I know it will correct itself and go higher. Patients is the key here and to pick good ones that you know will keep going higher. Defi or altcoins are the best to invest in. Or I might to start my own trucking company, going back and forth with the idea. Well, that's it for today, I just wanted to bounce off my idea off of you all. Thanks for reading my thoughts. May life bring you a smile, laughter and love.

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I am a 51 year man in a 20 year interracial relationship. So I have had my eyes opened for me with humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.

can-am citizen
can-am citizen

writing about my interracial marriage, my A.D.D and life's challenges.

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