Innovating True Transparency in Dev Teams

By Fushuma | Fushuma | 13 Dec 2023



Note: This article was originally published under the Callisto Network blog. We are now evolving into Fushuma, a community-driven blockchain leveraging advanced ZK-Rollup technology for low fees and high throughput.

In Fushuma, FUMA token holders drive on-chain governance by making decisions on network upgrades and project funding. As the ecosystem grows, they are rewarded with tokens airdropped from funded initiatives.

Learn more about our transition and the exciting developments ahead for Fushuma here.

A New Blockchain Standard

Since its launch from Ethereum and Ethereum Classic communities, Callisto Network has carved its unique path, emphasizing security, true decentralization, and community-driven development.

Guided by these principles, the Core Dev Team has established a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to govern its operations and develop new and innovative applications to enrich the Callisto Network ecosystem.

This move reaffirms our dedication to transparency and accountability and marks the start of a new era for the team.

Background and Rationale

In March 2023, the Core Dev Team initiated a comprehensive restructuring process marked by introspection and strategic realignment. This decision was made after significant investments in human resources and team remuneration over the last two years, which did not produce the anticipated results.

In this context, CLOE decided to compensate team members exclusively in Callisto Network coins (CLO) starting September 2023.

This strategic move aims to establish a deeper connection between the team’s efforts, the success of CLOE, and by extension, Callisto Network.

DAO Advantages

The CLOE DAO aims to establish transparency and accountability; a central element of this transformation was the launch of the CLOE Progress Tracker.

This tool provides weekly updates on team activities and individual performance metrics, setting a new standard for transparency and trust in the blockchain space.

Through these reporting capabilities, the DAO enables a deeper connection between the team’s work and the community, guaranteeing that every stakeholder can observe and understand the progress.

In addition, the DAO’s remuneration structure is designed to align the team’s interests with the success of Callisto Network.

The Core Dev team is now compensating team members in CLO coins with a locking period mechanism to encourage long-term commitment, ensuring that the team members focus not only on immediate tasks but also on the sustained growth and value of Callisto Network.

Specifically, the monthly salaries are distributed in three portions:

  • 20% monthly.
  • 40% quarterly.
  • 40% yearly.

This tiered structure provides immediate financial support to team members while aligning their rewards with short-term achievements and long-term goals.

Funding and Salary Structure

The CLOE DAO consists of a smart contract on the Callisto Network blockchain supported by regular grants from CLOE, including initial funding of 41 million CLO coins in 5 transactions:

Here is a breakdown of the monthly funding allocation as of December 2023:

  • Operational & Development – 7,7 million CLO: Day-to-day operations and ongoing development of Callisto Network.
  • Marketing – 3,6 million CLO: Content creation, community outreach, and promotional activities.
  • Community Development 2.9 million CLO (unlocked): These funds are used for community events (calls to impacts, contests, etc), sponsored articles, and designs.
  • Security – 2,8 million CLO: Dedicated to security audits, enhancing security protocols, and ensuring the safety and integrity of the blockchain.
  • Research and Innovation – 2,8 million CLO: Supporting research into new blockchain technologies and innovations.

SOY Finance Relaunch

By allowing safe and cost-effective transactions within the Callisto Network ecosystem, SOY Finance significantly contributes to the utility and intrinsic value of Callisto Network’s coin and native tokens. In its next phase, SOY Finance will introduce the SOY distributed insurance, positioning it as the first DeFi platform to insure users’ deposited funds against losses from hacks or software errors.

Recognizing the importance of SOY Finance within the Callisto Network ecosystem, CLOE is preparing for a complete relaunch of the platform.

The initiative will be funded with 50 million CLO coins, equivalent to USD 35,000 at the time of writing, from SOY Finance’s initial DEX offering (IDO).

The relaunch of SOY Finance includes:

  • Finalizing the SOY Finance UI and integrating the Sloth Trading Features.
  • Establishing the SOY distributed insurance fund.
  • Opening the platform to its community via a governance system.
  • Bridging more blockchain via SOY Bridge.
  • Launching the SOY referral program.

We will communicate the details of the relaunch in the coming weeks.

Future Outlook and Conclusion

This restructuring draws the first step of the Core Dev Team towards enhanced transparency, accountability, and decentralization within the Callisto Network ecosystem, a key aspect of which is the opening up of the ecosystem to the community.

We invite all the Callistonians to join us on this journey.

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Fushuma is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem with ZK-Rollup technology, low fees, and on-chain governance. FUMA holders decide on upgrades, funding, and are rewarded as the ecosystem grows.


Fushuma is a community-driven blockchain with ZK-Rollup technology, low fees, and on-chain governance. FUMA holders decide on upgrades, funding, and are rewarded as the ecosystem grows.

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