What is Dynamic Sharding

By lussian | caglarylmz | 27 Aug 2023


Blockchain technology has revolutionized various fields, especially finance and supply chain, by providing decentralized and secure solutions. However, this decentralized structure brought with it the low number of transactions per second (scalability). And  scalability has remained a challenge for traditional blockchain networks. At this point, sharding appears as the solution.

Sharding provides parallel processing and increases scalability by dividing the workload into smaller chunks. Venom Blockchain has implemented the Dynamic Sharding Protocol to effectively solve this problem.

The Dynamic Sharding Protocol employed by the Venom Blockchain introduces a unique approach to sharding. Rather than distributing data across multiple machines, as seen in traditional database sharding, the Venom Blockchain utilizes computation sharding.

Computation sharding involves splitting the execution of smart contracts into smaller threads or shards, which are processed by different groups of validators in parallel. This parallel processing significantly enhances the network’s performance and scalability.

Dynamic Sharding Mechanisms in the Venom Blockchain

Shard Creation and Management: Initially, all transactions are processed by a single group of validators belonging to the primary shardchain. As the transaction volume increases, the network triggers a split event, dividing the shardchain into two. This process can be further repeated as necessary to balance the load.

Cross-Shard Communication: The Venom Blockchain ensures efficient communication and coordination between shardchains. Validators can dynamically switch and validate any shardchain while being aware of the entire state of the network.

Dynamic sharding delivers improved performance and efficiency, revolutionizing scalability and putting Venom Blockchain ahead. Throgh computational sharding and parallel processing, the network gets higher transaction speed with shorter confirmation times. This approach improves resource utilization, minimizing bottlenecks and significantly reducing transaction costs. With efficient shard creation, management, and inter-shard communication, Venom Blockchain promises a scalable and robust solution for decentralized applications.


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