Newsletter #125 | Think Twice About Spending Second Stimulus on BTC, Congress Acts to Make the US #1 in Blockchain, The Big 4 Making Big Moves, Tao Migration Successfully Underway, and More...

By KHubbard | CageChain | 9 Sep 2020



The Tao Network Blockchain (Tao) migration has been successful so far with nearly 40% of its participants swapping their coins onto the new chain.  In recognition of this accomplishment, qTrade has decided to honor the 15% bonus and push its swap back another five days to September 10th to make sure no Tao holder is left behind.




Another stimulus check is looming and with it people could think they are making it stretch by investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Before you do this, check out an article we found from Forbes that discusses the possible dangers of taking this approach.  Congress is starting to see how America is not leading when it comes to blockchain as nations like Russia and China are taking the lead when it comes to this technology.  A new bill looks to position the US as a leader in this emerging technology.  Recent on-chain data shows that there is over $700 million Bitcoin now resides on the Ethereum blockchain.   Meanwhile, Ethereum Classic suffered its third 51% attack in the span of a month, making folks wonder if it the original Ethereum blockchain will ever be able to recover from its recent woes.  There was a time when the accounting industry was wondering if it could survive the advent of blockchain, but now it looks like they have embraced the industry and are looking to innovate.  Check out the article discussing the Big 4’s plans to leverage blockchain in their practices.  You can find the newsletter in full here:



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