CageChain Newsletter #275 | Remembering Charlie Munger, Coinbase May Be Compelled to Share User Data, Forbes Teams Up with Ethereum, Mark Cuban Likes Blockchain for Real Estate Innovation, and More...

By KHubbard | CageChain | 29 Nov 2023



Legendary investor Charlie Munger may have once called Bitcoin “rat poison squared” — but that doesn't mean crypto traders should ignore his years of investing wisdom. Legendary investor and billionaire Charlie Munger, known as the right-hand man of Warren Buffet who helped build investment powerhouse Berkshire Hathaway, has passed away at 99 years of age. Munger’s family informed Berkshire “that he peacefully died this morning at a California hospital,” according to a company announcement on Nov. 28. Munger, who served as vice chairman at Buffet’s empire since 1978, accumulated a net worth of $2.6 billion and was routinely praised for adopting a sound investment and stock-picking philosophy throughout his tenure at Berkshire. In the last day, an unconfirmed number of Coinbase users have received emails from America’s top crypto exchange, informing them that information linked to their customer accounts might soon be shared with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) after Coinbase was served with a subpoena. While Coinbase has declined to publicly comment on the subpoena thus far, or what exact data it pertains to, the legal order appears to be connected to a matter concerning another crypto exchange: Bybit, the Dubai-based company founded in 2018 by Ben Zhou. A person familiar with the matter confirmed to Decrypt that Coinbase did indeed send such emails out to customers this week but would not elaborate on what exact information was requested by the CFTC, how that information pertains to Bybit, or how many customers might be impacted by the subpoena. Forbes is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Under 30 list on the Ethereum blockchain, marking a first in the industry. This groundbreaking initiative showcases the integration of blockchain technology in securing and storing data with unparalleled transparency and permanence. The Under 30 list, renowned for spotlighting the brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders, will now leverage the Ethereum blockchain to immortalize its data. Every category and individual profile featured in the Under 30 list is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that the achievements and stories of these remarkable individuals are preserved indefinitely. Tech billionaire Mark Cuban has expressed interest in the potential of blockchain technology for revolutionizing real estate development. This follows a city-building proposal by serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis that sparked a discussion about integrating cutting-edge technology into large-scale urban development projects. Calacanis suggested constructing ten new cities in the U.S., each with a million housing units. They would be aimed at redefining urban living with a focus on sustainability and affordability. Cuban took the conversation a step further. He proposed leveraging blockchain technology, particularly focusing on its potential to automate and secure real estate transactions and project management. The billionaire's proposal involves the creation of a smart contract on a zero-knowledge layer-2 blockchain platform. This contract would automatically check for the issuance of construction permits. You can find these stories and more at the link below:


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