Poor cactus blown by the wind: a sad story

By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 17 Dec 2020

Hello there guys, I'm back again with yet another story about my cactus hobby. This one is kind of bittersweet. As part of my daily routing I have the habit of checking my cactus when I wake up or while I'm having breakfast. These past few days I've been very busy with work and on Wednesday morning I didn't check on them until past lunch time. I was with the mind elsewhere but thought "let's do a flash check and I'll get back to work".

Then, to my (sad) surprise I found that one of the pot fell from the balcony edge. I know it sounds silly but when you put a lot of effort trying to get the correct amount of water, sunlight exposure, soil and keeping plagues off your plants, it is really frustrating and sad to see one of them die or get hurt in any way.

My first thought when I saw the pot on the floor was that it must've been some neighborhood cat, but no other plant was harmed so my final guess is that it must've been the wind. F you wind...

On top of that, I've been delaying buying some shelves to put my plants on. Not precisely delaying but haven't had the time (nor the money, lol). And this accident could easily have been avoided if the pot was safe and sound on a shelf).

The sad discovery...

I brought this plant from the wild sometime around 2018. When I first brought it, it was just one tiny plant but with time it grew so much that it didn't even fit on one pot alone any longer. I had it distributed in 3.

Little babies :(

What's even worse is that, as I mentioned earlier, I've been quite busy with work so the rearranging of the pots had to wait until today. ON TOP OF THAT, the plant that fell hasn't been watered in almost a week because rains were expected these days so I chose to wait and let nature do it's job. BUT THE CHAOS HAPPENED BEFORE IT COULD GET SOME WATER.

So, poor thing had to stay damaged and dehydrated for a couple of days. Sorry kid.

I was planning on doing all the rearrangements tomorrow but took a glance of the small pups and I couldn't leave them suffering yet another day haha.

Soil dry and some damaged stems... Had to help them didn't I? Some of the cuttings waiting to be put on soil again

It was hard figuring out HOW to arrange the plants because I wanted them to be on a single pot this time. After a while I decided where they'd go and took hands into action. As I type these words I can feel the spines on my finger haha. The end result looks quite nice. I'm pretty happy with it and decided to name it "Medusa". I have still to find the actual scientific name of this cactus (so if anyone reading this knows, please leave it on the comments section).


As for the little pups, I put them on a separated pot where hopefully they'll root and maybe in the future I can give medusa a sister!

Rootless pups

On the picture above you can see all the little fellas that didn't have any root (and they most certainly wouldn't make it if they were put on the big pot, as sun is hitting hard these days and with no roots correctly developed they'll perish).

I decided that given I have already had my hands dirty and full of spines, I'll repot some other plants that were screaming for more space. I'll post them another day because this publication is getting quite long for my likes and I don't want to bore you haha.

So that's it for today, see you guys! Stay safe!

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