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By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 12 Nov 2020

Hello guys. Today there's no picture from any particular cactus but rather an informative post about something I'm currently working on.

As you may have already guessed (title is quite straight forward lol) it is about a personal guide for cactus. Being an enthusiast I like to not only collect cactus but (of course) learn about its characteristics, cares, reproduction and more. Currently I don't have the physical space to hold and collect as many plants as I'd like, but hopefully one day I'll be able to build a greenhouse which will allow me to not only add more plants to my collection but also to take better care of them.

Nowadays my plants are all on the outside, at mercy of the weather. I think that this condition helps them grow stronger (or die lol). Fortunately, not so many have passed but some of them did quite struggle to adapt.

Seeing some plants turn bad (look "down" or with signs of rotting) is some of the most disappointing thing that can happen to any collector, professional or enthusiast. I know that my skills and knowledge about plants is quite tiny and scarce, and that is the main reason I'm trying to write a guide on the topic.

My cactus guide

It started as a hobby but it grew out to be a part-time passion. I like to spend time in the balcony where my plants are, and as I went on learning their names (species) and started googling about them, I began to learn more about this spectacular world. That led to opening an instagram account (cactaceasml) and following and talking to some collectors around the world.

Putting all the information together is kind of an obsession for me, as I like to have a "place" for it so it is always available when I need to check something. Right now I have listed only eleven plants in the manual (I own +30 or so) but finding the time to write and add more info (GOOD info) is tough because of other responsibilities and stuff...

My balcony with some of my plants

Anyways... I just wanted to share this info about the guide on this blog. I think that writing about it can also help to pay more attention to it and keep on adding more info. I know that it will continue to grow in species as well as more detailed information about each of them (right now I can't say it is as complete as I'd like).

See you guys! Stay safe!

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