Flowers on my E. multiplex!

By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 27 Nov 2020

Today will be just a short post. As you may remember a few days back I posted about this cactus growing some new flowers.

Well they continued to develop quite nicely and were looking like this on sunday night:

I thought they would grow a bit more and that they'll be opening on monday night (so I expected one more day til they fully bloom).

But to my surprise, when I woke up on monday and did my daily check-up, I found them already opened and glowing beautifully:

If you pay close attention you'll see that the outter petals had already began to "die". These flowers (as many in the cactaceae family) only last a night.

Outer petals already fainting

It was a true shame that I couldn't see them while they were opening, as it is one of the most fascinating events in cactus collecting and growing. But it was still a beautiful sight when I checked on them the following morning. Kind of a "christmas morning" feeling.

I would love to share with you guys a video I took of the flowers (one can't seem to being able of only admiring and taking a single photo of them, you MUST make a full album lol!!) but videos are not currently supported on the platform.

But I leave a link to an Instagram reel so you can go check it if you like :)

Click here to see the reel.

That's it for today. I leave you guys with a photo of a new cactus to my collection. Where I'm from it gets called by it's popular name "Cola de mono" (Monkey's tail) as it is a hanging plant that resembles a tail. In the following posts I'll be talking more about it's characteristics and cares, see you!

Monkey's tail cactus

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