Goodbye ICO, Here's 3 New ICOs

By BellBlogs | ByteDex | 1 Aug 2021

ByteDex's busy schedule keeps getting busier.

For those of you still unfamiliar with the ByteDex ecosystem and hybrid exchange model, you can read our previous posts, but as always for our first time readers, here's a short explanation of exactly what ByteDex as a project, exchange and ecosystem is:


ByteDex is a team who is bringing to the market a novel hybrid exchange model that will incorporate functionality advantages of centralised exchanges, or CEXs, with many of the positive features inherent within decentralised exchanges[DEXs] being featured as well in a best of both approach to close a functionality and security gap it sees as flaws within the two models.

These flaws are security issues that plague CEXs and the cacophony of functionality issues facing DEXs, such as slippage, frontrunning and liquidity drainage.


The Project Gains New Traction This Last Week


With the team having brought their wallet officially to Google Play, more exciting developments soon followed and as 2 more exchanges will be listing BYTEDEX token after an IEO process is finalised, adding to the existing IEO with P2PB2B and of course the token listing of Byte Exchange itself.

This is a hot development given that the team's roadmap initially aimed to be listed on 5 exchanges over a year from now, and has already achieved 80% of this goal. The 2 newcomer exchanges are CoinsBit and IndoEx.

Visit and join us on Twitter and Telegram by clicking on the image links below. Community is what fuels us here at ByteDex, and we welcome you to our vision of the future of crypto trading.




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