First BRK Annual Meeting after 2019 with Audience

By Pawel23 | bweb3-project | 30 Apr 2022

My first substantive post here after welcome is very hard as I am writing it on the platform using Blockchain Technology. I am like watching a live stream from this special Annual Meeting. I like the Question & Answer session. I can learn something from People with huge experience. I can not agree with everything as I am personally coming from Technology and it is my circle of competence, but still, I can watch and look for something for me.

How I can watch and take something more for me(and maybe you?)?


In 2020 I created Trello Board and divided it into columns. Each column is about a different Topic. When I would like back to some topic (example Crypto ;) ) I can open it and watch related videos (or check full recordings if I have time ;) ). Unfortunately, I was not updating it regularly. Yesterday I reactivated this board and added links to the most important (from my perspective videos ;) ). During the next few days, I will be updating it more and uploading links to the video from Meeting with is LIVE NOW.

If you would like, please check my Board. Link on the end of this post.


Tips from Meeting?


Just now, when I am writing this Paragraph. Warren is showing some products. (BTW: All the time, on the table we can see some.) If you before didn't see such a Q&A session because you are on daily basis interested mostly in Crypto, please check at least a few videos (free knowledge). An example from this paragraph can be, how we can make product marketing. 

Warren and Charlie and Crypto

As we are using here some Crypto and Blockchain. I think it is a good idea to include one paragraph for this topic. ( ;) ) When we check my Trello Board for the column "Crypto":


we know everything, what Warren and Charlie think about Crypto/Bitcoin. 

My personal opinion could be, that I DO NOT expect a change of opinion for a few reasons:

  • Technology isn't a "Circle of Competence" for both of them.
  • Please look at the next Column about Big Tech and dot com bubble. I think a similar could be for Blockchain.
  • Warren didn't like Gold. (He prefers Gold Mining Company with Dividends as just Gold) Bitcoin is more like Gold.
  • Bitcoin is traded all the time. Buffett's Annual Meetings and His famous letters to shareholders are at the Weekend because Wall Street is closed. Something more positive about Bitcoin and Blockchain from Warren means a bigger "candle" than "Elon Musk". 

What do I expect?

  • More Blockchain (as Technology) adoption within Berkshire subsidiaries.
  • Fintech, Banks, which Berkshire will have in its portfolio will be providing crypto services.
  • Long Term: Blockchain and Crypto companies, with good prices and cash flow, will be added. (...but not by Warren or Charlie, but maybe Junger portfolio managers by Berkshire)

Personally? I think that the first 2 points are already somehow ongoing.




As we somehow connect here to investing Topic, please be informed, that this post isn't investment advice and you should always before making an Investment check on your own or ask for advice Advisor with a proper license according to your local law.

Here is a link to Trello Board: 

This Trello Board is based on public links to video materials from CNBC, Yahoo Finance. Full rights have mentioned Companies. Videos are linked for information and Education purposes only. Trello Board is only Link Catalogue. Based on the Country of Residence of the Author there is no limitation for publishing links to materials published in a public place. 


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