Achievements and challenges: A recap of my progress and.... my perfect web3 stack?

By Pawel23 | bweb3-project | 9 Feb 2023

I am visiting some People for the first time. We need to check something on the Internet. They are opening the default Browser and I see Presearch in place, where usually People have Google. Other Application? Odysee, Publish0x... other Internet as we know currently.

This is a fake story but is it possible to configure your laptop as an experiment to use primarily web3 tools? I am experimenting with it this year. Wherever possible use firstly web3 Tool and later on other solutions. In this post, I will show you my current stack, and describe quickly all solutions. At the end - my January earnings and summary report. 

Web3 Stack - version 01.2023


General idea is to use it as a primary web3 Tool. I am not using it in the way to completely replace web2 with web3, but to use all the best from web3 and the best from web2, and of course, if something is not possible in web3, then use web2. I have some "crypto" experience, but in my tests, I think about Users outside this community. I am not only "a reader", but a "creator" as well. Both "use cases" will be checked by me.

I am not optimizing my usage to earn as much as possible. I have somewhere in my head, that it should be like in the story in the first paragraph. Nevertheless, I am Blogger and generally a creator. Some of the possibilities will not apply to someone who only consumes content. 



As it is not a surprise to you. For web3 blogging, I am using Publish0x. Most of the time  I was the only reader. This year I also started projects to write more. You can read about my writing goals here. Here I extended, what I wrote about web3 earnings.

What do I like/dislike in Publish0x?

+ Token agnostic platform. Earnings in popular Tokens. (ETH, AMPL)

+ Clear tokenomics and business model. I can understand what is the source of "tips".

+ Earnings from the first day.

+/- Not only about Crypto. I can publish here about any topic, but the main page, categories, etc. focused on Crypto. Inviting someone outside Crypto here to write can be a problem.

- Sometimes are added some strange Tokens (like Statera in the past), which can be for fewer experience People difficult to do something with earnings.

- High Level of minimum on-chain withdrawal from the Platform. (I know the gas cost, it is mainly how long someone has to collect earnings to make a withdrawal)


For the video, I am using Odysee. I already shared my with the Publish0x community here about my first video. I was using it for some time to watch now... started also my channel (the same content is on Youtube as well). The same as for Publish0x. New joiners are earnings from the first day. The problem can be the number of videos available. 

+ Not only about Crypto. I can publish there about any topic,

+ Earnings from the first day.

+/- Not sure about tokenomics and business model.

- Dedicated Token within Ecosystem.

- Because of dedicated tokens, it is more difficult for new people to set up wallets and possibly withdraw and convert earnings.


For podcasts starting the last days of January I testing Fountain. I read about this project here in Publish0x. Thank you for posting it. The very big advantage is, that I found most of my podcasts. If the Podcast creator would like to support, they need to sign in to this project, but I can hear. I have some problems with economics at the beginning. For available support podcasts. I spend more for support by Default more, than I earn. I have less than one podcast and I have an empty wallet and can not support it anymore. In the case of default options and support for everyone, I cannot collect satoshi for support.

+ All my podcasts are available to listen to.

+ Earnings from the first day

+ Earnings with Satoshi (Bitcoin) and available Lightning Network.

+ I can understand tokenomics and business models.

- But the Business model can be problematic if I would like to by default support everyone.



Here we have Brave Browser (for me default, but with an issue last time) and CryptoTab Browser. (As Testing in free time) Here I am the most disappointed. The best would be to have both Brave (and its ads program) and just CryptoTab for mining Crypto when I have free resources. As I wrote in the introduction post. I have a problem with BAT Earnings. I always lost my tokens and can not collect them whatever I am doing. My Brave Wallet is locked. I hope they will fix it.


For Advertisement, I use Brave Browser and Slice. Here.... there is no problem to mix both projects. My websites and profiles are registered in Brave. In addition, I have Slice installed in Browser. 

The disadvantage of Brave is, that I have a problem with my Internal Wallet within App. (I hope it is temporary, please write if you know how to fix it.) Because of the problem with earnings BAT, I have a "New Tab" from Slice. The advantage of Slice is support for Sats and Lightning Network. I can withdraw Sats from Slice and for example, use it to support something in Fountain. The disadvantage is, that I can use it on a few pages (and a new tab), but I like it.

Search Engine:

For Search Engine, I am using Presearch. I do not have a complete opinion yet. Disadvantage? Own PRE Token, which I need to collect some value to convert the somehow and high level of minimum withdrawal. Hard to obtain in normal use. 

Reddit-style news portal:

Also quick. Stacker.News is now in my setup as a new Tool. Earnings missing in the report because  I figured out it already in February. Advantage? Additional project with the support of Sats and Lightning Network. 


What I like at the beginning of my experiment. I see more and more projects, where I am earning Satoshis and can cheaply send between projects. For Publish0x and token agnostic is also great, but more problematic, when I compare it to projects with LN Support. Maybe it will be the solution for Publish0x as well in the future? I can earn sats in 3 different projects and cheaply move it between, send to a traditional bitcoin address or send to exchange and withdraw fiat. 

On another side I understand projects with their Token, but... currently, I am more satisfied from this perspective with projects without.

What is your perfect web3 stack for Today? Browsing, blogging, video, etc. 


Token Earnings

Token Earnings in Publish0x



Creator Earnings by Category:



Other Crypto/web3 projects:


*) - Unfortunately I have repeated problems with Brave. Whatever I am doing, they are blocking my wallet. I am reporting my progress here, but from my perspective earnings in $ are always 0.  

Staking on Exchanges:

Remarks: Please remember, that staking on Exchanges is an additional risk for your Money in case of exchange problems. I have only a few cryptos on exchanges, so I will accept the risk.


More ideas for 2023 for this series:

What else should I include in this series in the future? What is the most interesting for you? 


Additional Resources:

Affiliate Links:

My affiliate links if you would like to join some of the projects where you are not there (sometimes, there is a bonus also for you if you join from AL):


Additional resources connected somehow with this series or useful in some way.

More Publish0x series from my side:


This article is NOT investment advice. It is part of my goals for 2023 and publicly sharing progress.

If you are interested, please follow my profile for updates on when I will publish something new. 


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